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Noteworthy Mention of Sunnyside Neighborhood

Sunnyside neighborhood has been reinvigorated over the last seven years as a result of the growth of the Highland neighborhood as well as the inner city regions of Denver. This northwest Denver area is found between I-70, Federal, 38th Ave, and Jason.

Recreation and Culture of Sunnyside Neighborhood

Following the decades-long decline of the 1980s and 1990s, Sunnyside neighborhood is now a bustling community that is attracting families as well as older individuals. Part of its growth may be attributed to a “spillover” effect from its neighbors to the south and east, Highland and RiNo. Would-be residents of those trendy areas are now considering adjacent sectors that have a similar feel and proximity to downtown Denver.

Sunnyside neighborhood has a diverse selection of homes, ranging from single family homes built in the late 1800s to triplexes to brand new contemporary pads. Many of the homes have already been updated and many more are ripe for renovation. People enjoy wonderful access to I-70 and I-25, and the RTD G line commuter train stop is positioned at Fox and 41st.

There are four parks in Sunnyside: Pecos and 46th, Ciancio, Jerome Chaffee and Aztlan Park (formerly La Raza). Named after one of the founders of Denver, Jerome Chaffee Park is centered in Sunnyside. Youth in the area appreciate the baseball, softball and football fields at Ciancio Park, and Aztlan Park features a recreation center and outdoor pool.

Residents of Sunnyside neighborhood enjoy superb access to the overabundance of restaurants and bars of its neighbor to the south, Highland. However, it has a number of notable homegrown restaurants including the Universal, a popular spot for breakfast and lunch.

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