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Ruby Hill

Ruby Hill

Noteworthy Mention of the Ruby Hill Neighborhood

Ruby Hill neighborhood is an area rich in history in southwest Denver and is enjoying its new status as a music epicenter. It is located within the boundaries of West Mississippi, Federal, West Jewell and the South Platte River.

History of the Ruby Hill Neighborhood

Once a campsite for the miners looking for riches in the South Platte River, Ruby Hill neighborhood is becoming a sought after place for people to find their first homes. Although the “rubies” that miners thought they were collecting were actually garnets, the name still stuck and Ruby Hill is beginning to see revitalization in this landmark area.

The Ruby Hill neighborhood was developed in the 1950s following World War II and the majority of homes are small brick ranch and wood frame bungalows. However, you will also find sites where homes have been torn down and replaced with brand new contemporary style construction. Many of the houses are affordable and ready to be updated.

Ruby Hill's Commuter Accessibility

Ruby Hill neighborhood is positioned favorably for commuting to downtown on the light rail or by bicycle, and is close to the University of Colorado-Denver, Auraria and University of Denver campuses. The local Ruby Hill neighborhood association is active in continuing to improve the South Platte River corridor, and hosts picnics, garage sales and improvement projects for Ruby Hill residents

The 80-acre Ruby Hill Park is the pulse of the neighborhood and has long been known as one of the best sledding hills in the Denver area. Now it has new distinction as a music mecca. The Levitt Pavilion, positioned near the center of the park, has seating for 7,500 people and offers more than 50 free music concerts and also several ticketed events each year. The organization pays local artists 40 percent more than other venues through sponsorships, donors, grants and concessions. Attending concerts at Levitt is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors, hear new bands, support live music and connect with your community.

Ruby Hill also features the Rail Yard, a winter urban terrain park that opened in 2007, and the newly constructed Bike Park. This 7.5 acre site features a slopestyle course, dirt jumps, pump tracks and a skills course. The slopestyle course and dirt jumps provide lines of varying difficulty from beginner to advanced, with a special expert slopestyle line to challenge and entertain professional riders.

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