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Noteworthy Mention of the Hilltop Neighborhood

Hilltop neighborhood is one of the toniest areas in Denver as evidenced by its continued popularity over the decades. Developed in the 1940s, the boundaries of Hilltop neighborhood are Severn, Colorado, Alameda and a squiggly line running from Monaco Pkwy to Holly.

History of Hilltop

Hilltop neighborhood earned its name as its elevation is almost 200 feet above the city of Denver. From Cranmer Park, the crown jewel of the neighborhood, you have a birdseye view of the majestic Front Range. Named after George Cranmer, the former manager of Denver Parks and Improvement, the 23-acre park features a large sundial and chart describing the zodiac. This structure often becomes a climbing wall for kids of all ages and has gained a spot on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Other open spaces include Robinson Park, located just east of Cranmer Park, and both Crestmoor and Burns Parks are adjacent to Hilltop.

Architecture and Homes in Hilltop Neighborhood

Gracing the southeast side of Denver, Hilltop neighborhood is consistently listed as one of the best neighborhoods in Denver. You’ll find an array of architectural styles in this upscale community, ranging from brick bungalows to oversized new construction. Many of the original English Tudors and Colonials have undergone extensive remodels and now feature up-to-date floor plans while still maintaining their classic charm. Most homes are priced above $600,000 and those on the lower end usually need updating.

There are also several homes of distinction in Hilltop that illustrate the different types of architecture found in the neighborhood. The Cranmer House (Italian Renaissance Revival), Amter Residence (Usonian) and Joshel House (International) show the diversity of home styles built from the late 1800s to the 1960s.

Residents love Hilltop neighborhood’s proximity to shopping, restaurants, and nightlife in both Cherry Creek and downtown Denver. Locally, Hilltop neighborhood has two favorite stops at 2nd and Holly, Check out both Park Burger and High Point Creamery.

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