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Fort Logan

Fort Logan

Noteworthy Mention of the Fort Logan Neighborhood

Fort Logan is a historical neighborhood filled with early American heritage dating back to the late 1800s. Early residents flocked to this area as a way to capitalize on Denver’s railroad commerce. Many influential Generals, Colonels, and Captains in the late 1800s to early 1900s have served at Fort Logan. The neighborhood is named in “honor of Union Army general and Illinois senator John Alexander Logan,” (Etymology Nerd).

Today, Fort Logan has retired its active military presence and offered a generous portion of its land to honor the brave who served our country faithfully at the Fort Logan National Cemetery. This peaceful neighborhood is lined with quaint residential streets and lovely homes filled with families, professionals, students, and retirees. Many homes are priced for first-time homebuyers. Housing opportunities range from single-family homes to apartments.

Fort Logan is located southwest of downtown Denver. Its distance from the city provides its residents with a serene ambiance to call home. Its boundaries of Highway 285 and Highway 85 make mountain access a breeze for outdoor enthusiasts. The nearby Marston Lake provides many fun-in-the-sun activities like boating and fishing. This neighborhood is also home to Kaiser Elementary, a high-achieving school. Great foothill towns with quaint main streets, like Golden, Morrison, and Littleton are moments away.

Enjoy golfing? Fort Logan has several nearby golf courses, and is home to the scenic Pinehurst Country Club – boasting two exceptional courses on its facility!

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