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LoHi – Lower Highlands

LoHi – Lower Highlands

Noteworthy Mentions of LoHi

Lower Highlands, affectionately known as LoHi, represents a harmonious blend of the old and the new, where Victorian homes stand shoulder to shoulder with ultramodern constructions, and repurposed industrial lofts lend the area an air of eclectic sophistication. The essence of LoHi is its vibrant neighborhood with extensive walkability to quintessential Denver experiences. This area attracts individuals looking for a lively community with a unique character and diverse cultural offerings.

Homes in LoHi

The architectural diversity in LoHi is a testament to its rich history and contemporary growth. The area boasts ornate Queen Anne-style homes that hail from the early 20th century, showcasing craftsmanship and materials that speak volumes of their era. In addition, modest cottages dotted around the neighborhood reflect Craftsman and Tudor Revival influences, providing a quaint, old-world charm. For those favoring modern amenities, luxurious townhomes and high-end condominiums offer contemporary comforts, including rooftop patios with breathtaking views of the city and the Rocky Mountains. Whether you’re drawn to the charisma of vintage homes or the sleekness of new builds, LoHi’s market ranges, ensuring a fit for various tastes and budgets.

Recreation and Restaurants in LoHi

The spirit of LoHi extends beyond its residences, into vibrant green spaces and culinary adventures. Highland Gateway Park and Commons Park are local favorites, offering everything from playgrounds and basketball courts to expansive skateparks and access to the South Platte River Trail. For those interested in a bit of history and outdoor activity, the City of Cuernavaca Park presents an inviting space for bike rides and picnics.
When it comes to dining, LoHi doesn’t disappoint. Little Man Ice Cream Shop, with its whimsical milk jug shape, serves up unique flavors in handmade waffle cones, making it a must-visit for those with a sweet tooth. Linger, offering an unparalleled dining experience in a repurposed mortuary, dishes out small plates of global street food. Meanwhile, Avanti Food and Beverage, a modern food hall housed in a renovated shipping container, caters to diverse palates, offering everything from pizza to sushi.

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