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Belmar neighborhood in Lakewood is generally considering one of the best examples of a successful redevelopment focusing on the concept of mixed-use and high density. It is located within Alameda, Pierce, Weir Gulch and Belmar Park to the west.

The Villa Italia Mall used to occupy this property until the late 1990s when the dilapidated structure was finally bulldozed, paving the way for a new concept in land development. Combining office space, retail, restaurants and high-density housing, the Belmar neighborhood is now a success story of which other communities are trying to emulate.

There are fashionable condominiums, apartments, and townhomes adorning Belmar’s streets along with the Belmar Shopping District’s 80 plus local boutiques and national brand stores. Prospective renters or buyers will find beautifully appointed, brand new contemporary residences that are minutes away from this prime shopping as well as numerous restaurants, box department stores and venues for special events.

Now considered the “official downtown” of Lakewood, Belmar neighborhood hosts farmer’s markets, art exhibitions, live music on the plaza, bocce tournaments and a myriad of activities throughout the year. During the summer, there are at least 3-4 events scheduled each week and in the winter, folks can enjoy outdoor Ice Skating!

Residents of Belmar neighborhood have quick access to downtown Denver whether it be driving east on Alameda or 6th Avenue, or taking the nearby RTD bus or light rail. Many businesses have sprouted up and around Belmar as well, alleviating a commute for many of the residents.

Belmar neighborhood residents enjoy the proximity to the Weir Gulch trail and Bonfils Stanton Park as well as the 700 + acre Belmar Park and Kountze Lake. The former home and property of the Denver Post heir May Bonfils Stanton, Belmar Park was acquired by the city of Lakewood in 1973. They are now in the process of renovating a 1920’s caretakers’ cottage on site. The nearby Lakewood Heritage Center also features many artifacts and works of art that were housed in the mansion and on the property.

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