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Top 4 Neighborhoods in Denver

Top 4 Neighborhoods in Denver

Thinking of buying in Denver? Here are some of the most desirable neighborhoods in Denver. To see data on schools, nearby attractions, market data and active listings, head to our neighborhood page and search for your favorite area.

Data from the US Bureau of Statistics revealed that Denver, Colorado is the fastest growing city in the country. Last year, the city enjoyed a 2.8% growth, attracting over 18,000 new resents.

With 50 of the United State’s biggest cities vying for the top spot, the competition is undoubtedly stiff. But the city of Denver has all the ingredients it needs to come out on top – strong economy, ample career opportunities, attractions at every turn, and an amazing alpine locale.

There has never been a better time to move to the Rocky Mountain city.

Wondering which Denver neighborhoods you’d love to move to? Read on as we take you on a tour of the finest districts of the city.

LoHi – One Of The Trendiest Denver Neighborhoods

Denver’s LoHi neighborhood is a highly sought after place to call home. It is closely associated with the Highland and West Highland neighborhoods of Denver.

Previous decades have seen the redevelopment of the Central Platte Valley, an expansive and chic neighborhood dotted with fine restaurants, gorgeous outdoors, and hip offices.

Moreover, the addition of the Denver Millennium Brge, Platte River Brge, and Highland Brge has made the Highlands even more accessible to people from downtown.

All of these and more turned LoHi into one of the trendiest regions in Denver. The city-center neighborhood boasts an attractive blend of diverse cultures, modern living amenities, and a tight-knit sense of community.

And if you’re looking for awesome food and drinks, know that the Lower Highlands is a culinary powerhouse. A quick drive to the area puts you right at the center of delicious sandwiches, craft beers and cocktails, and cuisines from all over the world.

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Washington Park – Denver’s Premier Neighborhood

Denver’s inclusion in the country’s top 20 best park systems is not surprising at all. The Rocky Mountain city is home to an amazing park system, fitted with 250 urban parks that cover 6,000 acres of land.

Just about every park in Denver has something unique to offer. But among the city’s urban parks and surrounding neighborhoods, Washington Park is, without a doubt, one of the best.

Washington Park’s main attractions are the two large lakes enclosed by a trail. Perfect for running and jogging! When the sun’s up, young professionals enjoying beer and engaging in sports are a common sight in the area.

The premier neighborhood surrounding the 165-acre park pres itself on its splend architecture – both contemporary and Victorian.

And, there’s never a dull moment in Washington Park

The nearby South Pearl Street will treat you to a we selection of cocktail bars, high-end clothing stores, and specialty shops. And if you’re looking to enjoy sumptuous local food in an old-fashioned setting, Old South Gaylord Street has the best spots in town.

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River North/RiNo – The Modern Industrial Se of Denver

The Highlands is known for its trendiness. And Washington Park stands out with its great outdoor environment. But if you want to live in a Denver neighborhood imbued with artistry, River North has no rival.

The creative district will keep you busy with art galleries which replaced the factories and warehouses of the yesteryears. Whether you’re looking for contemporary, abstract, or conceptual masterpieces, you’re bound to find a gallery that suits your preference.

But RiNo’s artistic features go beyond the canvas. The neighborhood is also home to amazing bars and breweries that offer unique flavors and fun-filled environments you won’t find anywhere else.

Head over to Nocturne to bask in its jazz atmosphere while sipping on classic cocktails. And if micro brews are your thing, stop by Ratio Beerworks.

River North is also a great place for the modern professional.

Talented and tech-savvy folks will be pleased to know to know that tech companies and startups occupy a fourth of River North’s office space. And thanks to the coworking spaces in the district, digital nomads can enjoy the best RiNo has to offer while getting work done.

Browse our selection of RiNo homes for sale here.

City Park – Denver’s Biggest Urban Park

First-time home buyers are flocking to City Park – and for a long list of good reasons.

City Park offers 314 acres of landscaped greens, the biggest in the city of Denver. And the neighborhood has something for everyone – from top-notch dining and drinking, fun park activities, live music, to wildlife!

Resents are always just a few minutes away from biking and running trails which offer breathtaking views of the mountain. And with attractions like the Denver Museum of Nature and Sciences, Denver Zoo, City Park Jazz, and more, getting bored is almost impossible.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, the district’s 18-hole golf course is guaranteed to delight you. The City Park Golf Course treats golfers to jaw-dropping views of downtown Denver’s skyline, a selection of restaurants, and a pro shop. There’s no better place to sink a hole in one!

And with a variety of condos and apartments being developed, you’re bound to find the nest you’ve always wanted in River North

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Ready To Move To Denver?

There’s so much to love about Denver.

Sun-loving adventurers will appreciate the city’s 300 days of sunshine every year. Parents, on the other hand, can rest easy knowing Denver has one of the most walkable downtowns in the country. And for the sports nut, know that the city is home to seven professional teams.

In this post, we looked at four of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Denver.

But of the Denver neighborhoods do you like the most? Is it the Highlands and its chic environment? Washington Park’s amazing outdoors? River North’s artistic vibe? Or the golfer’s delight that is City Park?

Whichever it is, send us a message and let us know. You can rest easy knowing we have the property you’ll love in the Denver neighborhood you want.

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