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Home Improvement: 5 Budget Friendly Home Upgrades

Home Improvement: 5 Budget Friendly Home Upgrades

Are you looking to spruce up your home this summer? Do you have a limited budget with which to work? Is ‘quick and easy’ of utmost importance?

With so many people becoming new homeowners in the last few years, many are hoping to add those special touches to their residences. But inflation and long timelines for major home improvements are causing many people to delay or scale back their plans.

As a result, looking at budget-friendly home upgrades is becoming more of a focus among many homeowners, especially first-time home buyers. Be assured there are many quick and easy home improvements out there that can achieve your goals.

Keep in mind you’ll want to be aware of a few details before committing to any home upgrade project:

  • Budget: It’s always prudent to have a budget before embarking on any home improvement project. Don’t get halfway through a project only to discover that your funds are exhausted. Know ahead of time what you can afford and stick to it. Especially during these inflationary times, you may have to scale back until prices moderate.
  • Timeline: Regardless of whether your project is DIY or you need the assistance of a service professional, create a timeline that will work with you and your budget. Put some thought into how long you think a home improvement project will realistically take and then add a little more time! Also, keep in mind, that people in the trades are often booked weeks and sometimes months in advance so be prepared. This shouldn’t deter you from still getting several bids to make sure the estimate/proposal is fair.
  • DIY or Service Provider: Know the scope of the work that you want to be done and whether you are capable of doing it! And, yes, you may be able to do the work yourself, but do you really want to and will the end result be to your satisfaction? A DIY home project may take you twice as long as it would a service professional to complete. You’ll have to decide whether it’s worth the time, effort, and resources to take on a project or pay for the convenience of having someone else do the work.

That being said, here are a few examples of budget-friendly home upgrades that will go a long way to enhance your home and make your living space appealing to you and your family.

Paint the Walls and Color Your World

This tip repeatedly comes up for new homeowners and for good reason. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to liven up a tired room or two. Regardless of whether it’s a DIY home project or one you pay for, this quick and easy home improvement will make your home shine. Paint is inexpensive as are the accompanying materials like brushes, rollers, tape and cleanup materials. Check out the popular colors for 2022! Refreshed walls will make your home shine and feel like new!

Purchase Some New Artwork

Once you’ve completed your painting, find some artwork that will accentuate your “new” walls and establish a pleasant vibe in your home. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on art. The most important aspect of art is that you enjoy it and it makes your home more livable. Inexpensive art can be found everywhere, from flea markets to farmers’ markets, garage sales to art studios. Spend some time figuring out what you like. Art takes many different forms. Oil and watercolor paintings, photographs, antique posters, sculptures, and even quilts and rugs will create a dramatic effect in any room. Have fun establishing a theme in your home and enjoy the search to find those perfect pieces that will set the right mood.

Go Thrifting for New Furniture

As you may probably know, new furniture can be quite expensive. But fortunately, there are many ways to get around the cost of buying new. Thrift and second-hand furniture stores can be a goldmine for used home goods. Some great local haunts for vintage finds include mod mood in Wheat Ridge and Antiques Etc., on East Colfax.

Many times, these items can be nearly new or lightly used, and sell for well over half of the retail price. Garage and estate sales can also provide home goods at very reasonable prices, and don’t forget about Facebook groups that focus on for-sale furniture that can be found close to where you live. Typically, there is room for negotiation on any items for the home and there are definitely deals to be found.

Add Light Fixtures That Double as Art

Lighting in your home is often a forgotten design aspect that can have a profound impact on setting the right mood in your living space. Whether you’re looking to replace a dated chandelier in the front entry or dining room, or need floor lamps to augment lighting in the living room, a well-lit room with the right fixtures will boost your home’s appearance. New lights are relatively inexpensive, even brand new lamps. Select products that complement your furniture and artwork. Many times, lamps can be pieces of art in and of themselves! Keep in mind which direction you want the light to be cast. There are lamps directing the light upwards as well as down. If you like to read on the couch, you’ll probably need a lamp that has a downward light flow. Also, consider the aesthetics of how the lamp will function. Do you want to create a certain mood? Is a dimming feature needed? What bulbs will be required?

Change Up Your Cabinet Hardware

Your budget may not allow for new kitchen and storage cabinets right now. However, you can create a whole new look by easily replacing the handles and knobs. Older cabinets can enjoy a bit of rejuvenation with this quick and simple adjustment. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the selection of kitchen cabinet handles and knobs. From metal to wood, painted to custom, the possibilities are endless. Consider mixing and matching handles and knobs. For example, on pull-out drawers, you may want to go with handles and for opening cabinets, you may want some contrast by selecting knobs.

These are just a few budget-friendly home upgrades. Have fun decorating your home this summer!

Leave your budget friendly ideas in the comments below!

Jason Tanabe

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