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Feeling Outdated? Top Tips to Home Decor

Feeling Outdated? Top Tips to Home Decor

You don’t have to be an interior design expert to add some flair to your home decor. Whether the furniture or walls are looking a bit tired or you’re still using fluorescent light bulbs, there are numerous easy fixes to bring your residence up to snuff.

If your house is still stuck in the 20th century, make time in the upcoming months to study the newest trends that will help bring your home up-to-date. It doesn’t have to be costly to add some signature pieces to accent your home. Explore new colors for your walls, replace furniture that is worn or lacking appeal or buy that piece of art you’ve been eyeing for awhile.

Read our interior design tips to help you keep your home up-to-date and looking fabulous.

Easy Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms tend to trend out-of-date faster that the rest of the average home, so checking out these spaces is a good place to begin.

Re-caulking, getting the tile floor professional cleaned or painting the walls are easy and effective ways to bring bathrooms up to speed. How about the towels and rug in your bathroom? Isn’t it time for some new fluffy ones that are complementary to the space?

Is a new vanity in your future? January is an excellent time to buy pre-made vanities as well as custom selections. And how about the lighting? New, stylish light fixtures can give bathrooms a much needed pop!

Bathrooms continue to play a large role in establishing the value of your home so don’t ignore them. You’ll recoup much of the cost of improvements when you sell your home.

Splash of Color

Outdated rooms typically have bland, unappealing colors. Give your space an injection of life with some new updated wall coverings, artwork and other home decor that provides a burst of springy, fun color. Throw pillows, layered blankets, vibrant rugs, art and a new coffee table can breathe some freshness and comfort into a space.

Check out the 2022 Color of the Year by Sherwin Williams.  Other paint manufacturers also provide fresh color palettes that will breathe life into your home.

Fix Up Your Entry

The entry to your home makes a personal statement about your residence to your neighbors and friends. Before anyone even enters your home, they see your home’s facade or entryway. If your entry is looking a little unkempt, outdated, or just plain bland, you could benefit from giving it a new look.

Improve your guests’ first impressions by painting your door or replacing it. A new door can provide better insulation for your home and by selecting one with a window can bring in some welcome light to your home. Update your entryway lighting with something more minimalist and inviting.

Don’t forget the entryway foliage. Wreaths aren’t reserved for Christmas! Hang an attractive wreath on your front door to reflect the season and be sure to change it out once the months change.

Update Your Kitchen

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is where you want to spend some money. From lighting to cabinets to appliances, you’ll get the most return for your money by investing in your kitchen. Start with the basics and evaluate your color schemes. You might be able to just get away with painting your cabinets with a fresh color. Cabinet refinishing should also be considered before completely doing away with the existing setup. Modifications can also be made with your cabinets which may include new hardware pulls, soft close attachments and back saving pull-out drawers that can be retrofit into lower cabinets.

Granite countertops have been the mainstay of kitchens for the last 20 plus years; now quartz and even terrazzo surfaces are becoming the preferred materials. Some people have even introduced wood surfaces to “warm up” the environs. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

How old are your appliances? Once again, January is a great time to buy large appliances. Not only will they look terrific, they will save you significant money in energy costs.

Refinish Hardwood Floors/Restore Tile and Grout

Are your hardwood floors looking a bit old and worn? Refinishing them will bring your flooring back to life. Many hardwood flooring companies offer dust-free refinishing which cuts down the amount of airborne materials, and the water-based polyurethane sealers allow you be be able to get back in the room quickly. Likewise, as much as you wash your kitchen and bathroom floors, over time dirt and grime settles into the surfaces leaving behind a dull appearance. Have a professional clean these surfaces. Your kitchen and bathroom will love you for it.

Try Some New Lighting

No matter how modern, aesthetically beautiful or comfy your house is, poor lighting will cast a pallor on your surroundings. Who can see the details of your home decor and the lovely artwork if the only light you have in your living room is a single window and a lamp?

Save time, effort and energy by upgrading the lighting in your home. With the advent of smart light bulbs and light switches, your older home will suddenly be on the cutting edge of technology. New lighting systems get triple word score when tied into your home smart speaker! Using voice activation or a remote, you can eliminate crossing a room or walking down the hall to turn off the lights the kids left on. Dim the lights to create the right mood for a movie or use your phone to turn on lights before you get home. The possibilities are endless. Not only will upgraded lights make your life easier but will save you a ton on energy costs.

Inspect Your Outdoor Space

Come spring, make sure you do a walk around your house and make a punch list of maintenance and improvements so your home stands out in the neighborhood. Grab a leaf blower or rake, and take care of the leaves that have been lingering since last fall. Regardless of whether you have a large front porch or just a stoop, having flowers in pots or hangers creates a dramatic effect for your home entrance. Finally, make any necessary repairs to cracked sidewalks or pavers, and check the condition of your driveway. It may be time for a fresh coat of asphalt.

Start Decorating!

There is no better time to start the improvements on your residence than now. Make 2022 the year your house becomes a home.

(Editor’s note: This blog was originally published in January 2019. It has been edited and updated to reflect current trends).

Jason Tanabe

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