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30 Ways to DeClutter Your Home for Fall

Despite the popular “spring cleaning” term, this process knows no season. We are well into fall, and now is the perfect time to evaluate the products and items in your home that have been neglected or unused before winter arrives. When a home is free and clear of unnecessary items, you have more time to address issues that matter the most to you and can be considered “easy” home improvement.

However, as some of us know, it can be hard to give things up. One study found that giving up an item you own lights up the same pain response in your brain as would be caused by a paper cut or drinking coffee that is too hot:

“Researchers at Yale identified that two areas in your brain associated with pain, the anterior cingulate cortex and insula, light up in response to letting go of items you own and feel a connection towards.”

 – LifeHacker, How Clutter Affects Your Brain

So it’s no wonder we struggle with this. However, harmony in the spaces around you is often an important need for productivity and focus: “Whether it be your closet or office desk, excess things in your surroundings can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information,” (LifeHacker, How Clutter Affects Your Brain.)

A great question to ask yourself when getting rid of items from the Youtube organizer The Sunday Stylist is “Would I buy this item again?” She argues that when you have too much stuff overtaking the spaces that you live in, you can put items into “purgatory” i.e. storage, and see if you can really do without those items. And then at a later date, you can decide to permanently get rid of it or keep it.

With that said, a good place to start with this sometimes painful and time-consuming process is to check out our list of items you can donate, give away, sell or trash:

Living Room




The Garage and Storage Spaces

Need more than just a seasonal cleanup? Another great tip from Lifehacker is to get rid of one item each week until you only have the exact amount of items you actually use and need.

Happy purging!

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