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Meet Our Vail Brokers | Matt Wilson

Meet Our Vail Brokers | Matt Wilson

Finding his true sense of purpose amidst a pandemic defines Usaj Realty’s newest broker associate, Matt Wilson.

Heading up Usaj Realty’s new base of operations in Vail, Matt Wilson is excited about the possibilities of developing and facilitating real estate transactions in the Vail Valley. The native of western Pennsylvania is parlaying his extensive background in the hospitality industry to bring superior white-glove service to clients looking to buy or sell real estate.

His hard-working, can-do attitude and attention to detail make Wilson a perfect fit in the Usaj Realty cadre of broker associates. When Matt Wilson is not helping people with their real estate negotiations in the Vail area, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors.

Learn more about Wilson and how he can help with all your housing needs.

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Q: Tell me a little about yourself: Where did you grow up? College? 

I grew up in rural western Pennsylvania where I found my love for the great outdoors. I moved to Philadelphia to go to school at Drexel University, and worked in the luxury hospitality industry after graduation. I was on a ski vacation in Vail where I saw a brand new hotel being built by the company for whom I was working. I returned to Philadelphia and submitted my transfer request to Vail. The director of HR just looked at me and told me the hotel wouldn’t be completed for at least a year. I said, “Here is my transfer request.”

Q: Did your childhood/growing up have any bearing on your getting into real estate? 

My father was a homebuilder and I learned how to remodel and do handy work around the house.

Q: How has your work experience in other areas impacted your real estate career?

I was a concierge at one of the premier hotels in Vail Village for eight years. I’m an expert in luxury hospitality and managing people’s wants and needs. I have also worked as a raft guide and I enjoy my new efforts of “guiding” people through the home buying process.

Q: How did you get interested in real estate?

While at my concierge job I would see real estate brokers selling multi-million dollar condos. I thought that sounded like a great fit for me.

Q: Talk about the Vail real estate market generally and some of the aspects that make it challenging and fulfilling. 

It’s highly competitive! Currently there are about 700 brokers and only 425 homes for sale. I’ve learned that I am most happy in life after accomplishing difficult tasks, no matter if they are professional or physical.


Q: Where is your happy place?

I love the outdoors! No matter if I am on a mountain top or in the desert, every season, any activity. It’s all very fun!

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment during the pandemic?

Where I find myself today, and it wasn’t easy. When the lockdown was announced earlier this year, I found myself in the tequila section of the local liquor store for an extended period of time, just staring and thinking about the possibilities. At that point in time, I was nearly one year sober and as I looked at the bottles of anejo, shining down on me, I found myself at one of life’s crossroads. I remember the smile on my face as I walked out empty handed. Smiling with tears of joy, because I know I made the right decision. At that very moment, I decided that the lockdown was an opportunity to start fresh with a blank slate, in pursuing my real estate career.

I set daily goals that consisted of reading, working out, and studying. After the first month and a half of lockdown, I had logged 78,000 vertical feet of skiing over 37 days. I ran every road in Vail, from my front door, between the Vail Golf Course and the many outer reaches of West Vail over the course of several days. I completed all my continuing education credits for the current three year cycle, and finished my designation as a Vail Pro. I also received a certification as a certified ePro. Then as May began, I decided it was time to move my girlfriend from Florida back to Vail.

Q: What are some of the positive experiences you’ve had that you didn’t expect during the pandemic? 

When I was helping my girlfriend move to Vail, we stopped in Pennsylvania to see my family. We were planning on only staying for a week and ended up staying for a month. It was great to have that much family time!

Q: Any new hobbies or pursuits you’d like to share? 

I am in pursuit of climbing all of the Colorado 14ers. I have five left and the ones remaining are a bit daunting.

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