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Usaj Realty’s Top Picks for Workout Apps

Usaj Realty’s Top Picks for Workout Apps

As Denver’s “stay-at-home” orders transition to “safer-at-home” guidelines, there are still many businesses unable to resume operations. Gyms and fitness centers unfortunately are still on that list (unless a personal trainer is working with 10 or fewer individuals). Which is why workout apps are a wonderful tool!

This isn’t good news for people who have put their personal fitness in quarantine the last couple of months.

If your physical activity during COVID-19 times has been limited to walking a few laps around the neighborhood, maybe it’s time to consider using a workout app. Regardless of whether you’re a technophobe or have just been putting your fitness on hold, it’s time to explore the magic of virtual workouts.

The hardest aspect of this approach is the discipline to make it part of your daily routine. But that’s also the case when making the move to physically get to the gym!

The variety and scope of apps is truly breathtaking. There are thousands of apps available that zero in on your goals whether they include weight loss, nutritional tracking or building stamina or muscle. Furthermore, they can provide you with progress reports and feedback on how you’re doing. It’s almost as good as a personal trainer!

So whether you’re having a New Year’s Resolution redux or just tired of looking at your corona weight gain, check out some of Usaj Realty’s favorite workout apps. Most all of these offer a free trial so take advantage of these award-winning workouts to meet your health and fitness goals for 2020.

Train Heroic 

Focusing on human development, Train Heroic believes that once you feel better about yourself you’ll start having success in other areas of your life. The company identifies five steps to improving your athletic performance:

  • Commit to the Journey
  • Connect with a Coach
  • Structure Your Strategy
  • Don’t Stress, Progress
  • Get Feedback

From focusing on body weight exercises to building strength in specific areas, Train Heroic can elevate you to the next level of fitness.

Down Dog

Voted the #1 rated yoga app, Down Dog brings variety and inspiration to your yoga workout. Never get the same class and enjoy the variety of ability levels. And not to be forgotten, Down Dog places a premium on music that matches the workout. Choose your level of fitness, the type of practice you wish and the length of time you desire. You are in control of your workout! No more intimidation and fear of whether you’ll complete the session or worry about what others are thinking.

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app helps you reach your fitness goals with expertly designed workouts from world-class Nike master trainers. NTC provides free workouts for everything from bodyweight-only sessions, invigorating yoga classes, targeted training programs and full-equipment home workouts for all fitness levels. Enjoy on-demand class-style workouts, programs, and expert tips on nutrition, sleep, and more with free access to NTC Premium to all Nike Members until further notice. Check out their yoga, cardio/HIIT, strength training, nutrition, mindfulness and sleep, and recovery offerings.


Most people are familiar with the Peloton bike, or even their treadmill. But did you know they also offer thousands of live and on-demand classes from your phone, tablet, TV and more with the Peloton App? Track your progress and challenge yourself with their dynamic offerings that include strength training, yoga, outdoor running, stretching, boot camp and even meditation techniques. Achieve your goals during the time that best suits your busy lifestyle. Usaj Realty’s Kristina Casinelli is a huge fan of their programming.

Alive by Whitney Simmons

Focusing on the simplicity and ease of use, Alive is designed to empower women to shape the best versions of themselves mentally and physically. Maddy Hollar with Usaj Realty has been utilizing this app during quarantine. With programs and daily workouts created to challenge and push you to your limits, its goal is to help you get into the best shape of your life and reach your fitness goals. Focusing specifically on the workout experience so you have confidence during your workouts. Alive includes 2 different programs to choose from based on your personal goals. When you join a program you are guided through a full schedule of workouts that span over several weeks. This takes any guesswork out and keeps you focused on your goals. There are plenty of daily workouts that are split up into different categories so you can decide what type of workout you want to do. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available.

This weekend, make a commitment to get off the couch and start transitioning to a fitter self. If these apps don’t appeal to you, check out PC Magazine’s Best Fitness Apps to help you on your way to better health!


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