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Usaj Realty’s Guide to Sell Your Home

Usaj Realty’s Guide to Sell Your Home

For every homeowner, there comes a time when you’ll have to sell your home. For some, it won’t happen for decades; others will experience it after a year or two.

Whether you’ve outgrown the space, accepted a job transfer, gotten married (or divorced), or are downsizing, selling your home is a big event. The range of emotions can vary from bittersweet to elation, sadness to ecstasy. But the bottom line is you want it to happen quickly while providing the most possible return on your investment.

Usaj Realty is committed to making the selling process as easy as possible. With our team of experts, a seamless move to the next chapter of your life is our goal.

Listing Your Home

In the Denver area, there is no better time to list your house than now. The majority of people who have sold their homes have seen a healthy return on their investment. Case in point: The average closing price on a single family home in Denver in October 2017 was $484,168; in October 2021, it was $687,201. That’s a whopping 41 percent increase in just four years!

A continuing low inventory of available homes for sale makes for a seller’s market and this trend doesn’t show signs of changing. We may not see the huge price increases of the last 18 months but most residential real estate purchases show at least a modest return on investment over time. Rising rents also are also encouraging people to consider buying a home.

While the thought of listing your home may produce a ton of anxiety, Usaj Realty brokers can efficiently guide you through the process. Expect them to exceed in the following areas:

  • Enhancing your property so it sells for top dollar
  • Attaining the highest net profit possible
  • Achieving maximum exposure through top-notch marketing
  • Expert negotiating on proposed contracts
  • Thorough management of the transaction from start to finish

The Value of a Real Estate Agent

While rising real estate prices can create the impression that it’s easy to transition from the “for sale” column to the “sold” column, it’s important to note that having a knowledgeable real estate agent representing you is at the heart of a successful sale. And at the core of the sale, is understanding the responsibilities of your real estate agent. From the moment you make the decision to sell your home, it’s advisable to bring in an agent to formulate a plan to assure the selling process is seamless and assures you top dollar for your property.

According to the National Association of Realtors, up to 91 percent of sellers and 87 percent of buyers choose to work with a real estate agent to facilitate the real estate transaction.

Since real estate agents work on a commission, it’s imperative to be clear on what the agent will be doing to market your home that will justify their involvement and ultimately get paid. A clear plan should be in place so the homeowner knows exactly what actions their real estate agent will be taking that will, hopefully, result in a quick offer and closing. No one wants a house to languish on the market, forcing price drops, unnecessary improvements and worst of all, removing the listing entirely.

Listed below are eight home seller tips when selling your home. Knowing ahead of time what’s in store will help guide you through the process and alleviate any missteps along the way.

How to Sell Your Home in Eight Steps

#1: Prepare your home

Before listing your property on the market, we will help ensure your home looks its best. Your broker will also arrange for professional home photos at no cost to you. A pre-inspection to determine what areas of your home need to be addressed is always a good idea.

#2: Set the selling price

With extensive competitive market knowledge, your broker will work with you to determine the ideal initial asking price. Location, size, condition, and amenities all play into determining the right valuation for your home.

#3: Market your property

A thorough marketing strategy plan on multiple platforms will ensure potential buyers easily discover your property. From online resources to open houses to yard signs and flyers, Usaj Realty will have you covered.

#4: Home showings

Potential buyers will schedule appointments to view your home. After showings, we review feedback and make adjustments as needed. It’s critical to be flexible during this period of time and always have your home in tip-top condition in case of last-minute requests to see your house.

#5: Offers are presented

Once an offer (or several) is submitted, your broker will thoroughly evaluate the proposal(s) and work with you to negotiate the best price/deal. It’s important to consider the offer in its entirety before deciding to accept, reject or counter.

#6: Accept an offer

After reviewing all submitted offers, you and your broker have determined the best sales contract to accept — now it’s on to final closing. At this point, the clock starts running on accomplishing a number of tasks at hand. Your agent will assist you with lining up all the paperwork necessary to bring the deal to a close.

#7: Negotiate closing

After you accept an offer, your broker will negotiate the closing terms and conditions for your property, including appraisal, property deed, contingencies, and a home inspection. The closing process finalizes the sale of your home and transfers it to the new buyer.

#8: Sold!

You and your broker will attend the closing appointment and officially hand over the keys to the new buyers — congratulations!

We’re Here to Make the Process Easy

Regardless of the circumstances that are leading to your decision to sell your home, the process should be a painless and straightforward experience that will help transition you onto your next journey. The realtors at Usaj Realty have the expertise and knowledge to be your partner in this exciting undertaking. Please contact us when you are ready to buy or sell a home.

Jason Tanabe

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