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The Magic Behind the Interior Design of Interlude at Boulevard One

The Magic Behind the Interior Design of Interlude at Boulevard One

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A new home often brings the opportunity to select the interior finishes and design your space that best fit your lifestyle. Interlude at Boulevard One in the popular Lowry neighborhood is no exception.

With townhomes currently for sale, Interlude at Boulevard One provides the opportunity to own a new home in which you can integrate work, city living and recreation. These homes offer an incredible slate of high-end finishes that have been selected based on research and feedback from clients.

Christy Ciccarone and Autumn Crowell with Arlun, Inc., are the designers behind the lovely features you’ll find at Interlude. After evaluating input from customers, they developed four packages to give your new home the style it deserves. Some of the standout features include KitchenAid appliances, Kitchen Craft Cabinetry, Moen plumbing fixtures and Shaw flooring.

Here’s an interview with Ciccarone and Crowell, who discuss the inspiration behind the design finishes of Interlude at Boulevard One and why you’ll love the offerings of these brand new, move-in ready homes

What are the Top Design Trends of 2020?

“Trends have changed dramatically since the pandemic so what we were seeing at the beginning of 2020 with bold colors and going out on a limb has drastically shifted. Now, we’re seeing that people are spending more time in their homes (and are viewing their living space differently). They are working from home, educating their children at home, and home has become a place of safety and sanctuary. As a result of spending more time in the home, people want them to be comfortable and sustainable, and have a lived-in feel. They want their homes to feel like they’ll last for a long time.

“As a result, people are interested in organic selections, and bringing the outside in. They want warm colors — greens are very popular now. We are seeing natural colors with lots of textures and patterns.”

What Upgrades Have the Biggest Impact?

“We’re trying to keep things out of landfills so it’s important to focus on the bigger pieces you have in your homes. You want them to last. When you think about the large upgrades, think about the cabinetry and flooring — things that you don’t want to be ripping out and replacing, and spend the extra money on those items since you’ll have them for a long time. Make an investment in those big items now because it’s less likely they will wear out or wear down over time.”

When Selecting Finishes, What Tips do you Have for Buyers to Make it Easier and Not Overwhelming?

“We see buyers every day with this scared look on their faces saying, “Oh my God, what am I going to do?” So it’s our job to walk them through the process so that when they leave, they say, “Whoa, that was so much better than I thought it would be.” The idea behind creating packages is to take that stress out of the process and buyers can just say, “I want that.” We took some really great looks that appealed to different people. The buyers can take comfort in being able to walk in and pick a package that fits their personality, color taste and budget. 

“We created a base package and an upgraded package, and simplified the process. Our advice to buyers is to figure out what are their tastes, what do I like, what is my style — traditional, modern, rustic, those are the things that you want to think about. Also, are there things you’re bringing with you into your new home — furniture, antiques, etc — and what style will best fit those existing pieces. Think about what things you have and what style will best fit your new home.”

What was the Inspiration for the Design Finishes for Interlude?

“It was based on the four most popular designs that buyers were looking for when they came into the showroom. We decided to take those four and make packages. A lot of it was based on buyer personality, likes/dislikes, color. We also looked at the age groups and what would appeal to all of them. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it and make it easy for the buyer.”

More Information on Interlude at Boulevard One

There will be five spacious townhomes in each of the two buildings at Interlude at Boulevard One. Each of the townhomes are three stories high, and offer an incredible rooftop deck that can accommodate a hot tub, lounge furniture and gas grill. In addition to the spectacular interior design of these homes, they offer an impeccable slate of accents, a two-car garage and separate sleeping areas. 

Located on Lowry Boulevard just east of Cherry Creek and minutes from downtown Denver, Interlude at Boulevard One symbolized the lifestyle you want. Enjoy summers on your private rooftop deck, create dinner masterpieces in a modern gourmet kitchen and enjoy the convenience of nearby coffee shops and restaurants to meet your friends. 


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