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The Beautiful Homes of City Park

The Beautiful Homes of City Park

When Denver was founded in 1858, it wasn’t a very large city. However, three years later, there was a substantial permanent population and the State of Colorado allowed the City of Denver to acquire state land for parks. Denver’s City Park became the largest park created out of this land acquisition. City Park was modeled after New York’s Central Park and the pastoral gardens of the English countryside. The park is one of the oldest public spaces in the city, and surrounding the area lies the historic neighborhood, City Park Denver, full of homes built in the Denver Square style.

Denver Square

What is called Foursquare in other parts of the United States is commonly referred to as Denver Square in this city. Although, the proper architectural name for the style of these homes is actually Vernacular Classical Revival.

The Denver Square style of architecture is a simple two-story box. It affords residents a lot of space to do with what they wish, and it is incredibly efficient to build. Generally, these homes are built with brick, but it is not unheard of to find Denver Squares that are built with materials besides brick. This style of home got very popular in the area after the Silver Crash of 1893. Due to the economic fallout, builders and consumers moved away from flashier Victorian model homes and built more efficient, cost-effective structures.

The Denver Square style home is still great for the modern homeowner. There are a number of reasons why it is advantageous to own a Denver Square. First, it is very easy to make renovations to these homes since they are simple squares. Remodel jobs do not have to contend with the complications that a Victorian home presents. The homes are very spacious and afford the homeowner plenty of options in terms of what to do with all the space. The simplicity and spaciousness of Denver Squares continues to make them a popular option. Plus, when you are situated in the beautiful City Park neighborhood in Denver, any style of home will be popular.

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Colfax Avenue and the area around it have become a very popular part of the City Park neighborhood. This area not only contains a lot of Denver Squares, but there are also a number of historic landmarks and buildings as well as a growing number of new restaurants, specialty shops, and other businesses. There are also many modern housing developments, featuring contemporary, spacious homes.

city park architecture 2

City Park

The park is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The park is home to the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Opened in 1908, the museum was built on the highest point in the park and affords visitors a stunning view of downtown Denver.  The park also is home to a tree known as the Shakespeare Elm. This tree was grown from a scion taken from the tree at Shakespeare’s grave. There is a plaque commemorating this tree and Shakespeare, and it’s a cool place to visit.

The City Park Denver neighborhood is also home to the historic Denver East High School, Denver’s first high school. Designed by Denver native George Hebard Williamson, a 1893 graduate of the “old East High,” the building received national recognition as the “new East High” and was declared a Denver Historic Landmark in 1991. The building features a 162-foot high clock tower modeled after the clock tower at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Inside that clock tower, you’ll find the school’s museum which showcases vintage uniforms, photos, artifacts and trophies. In 2017, Architectural Digest named East High School the most beautiful public school in Colorado.

The City Park Denver neighborhood offers natural beauty, history, and modern, hip neighborhood hang-out spots.

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