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Meet Our Brokers | Tamara Tsaava

Meet Our Brokers | Tamara Tsaava

Journeys can take all kinds of forms as Tamara Tsaava can attest. From establishing new roots to following a different career path, she is unafraid to explore new horizons.

A native of Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, Tamara Tsaava moved to the United States and settled in, where else? Atlanta (the ‘other’ Georgia)! She has an extensive background in management, banking, and the legal field, and was a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch before starting her own business.

However, Atlanta is a far cry from resembling her homeland and she missed mountains and skiing. With the encouragement of friends who live in Denver, she decided to head west and take advantage of the outdoor and professional opportunities.

As one of the newest Usaj Realty brokers, Tamara brings a diverse background that makes the transition to real estate agent an easy one. Dedicated, a good communicator, and a great listener, she is ready to make your real estate dreams come true.

Learn a little more about Tamara and how she can help you with all of your property needs in the Denver area.

Where are you from originally and what brought you to Denver?

Originally I am from Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. After spending seven years in Atlanta, “the other Georgia,” we moved to Denver for mountains, skiing, and friends who lived here.

What do you enjoy most about living in Denver?

I love old neighborhoods, the history of Denver, and the fact that you can walk around a lot and not drive as much as we did in Atlanta.

Have you had other careers before becoming a real estate broker?

I was in wealth management, banking and the legal industries for over 25 years. I left Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor three years ago and opened my own company, helping my clients with marital and divorce asset analysis and division. That led me to real estate, in which I had experience earlier in my career.

How did you become interested in real estate?

I have always loved real estate, but never had the chance to fully dedicate myself to being a licensed broker associate. My clients encouraged me and made me decide to jump into real estate in order to help them with their property needs, in addition to their other investments.

What can a home buyer or seller expect when they work with you?

Clarity, transparency, advising what’s best for them, dedication and 24/7 availability.

Complete this sentence. If you really, really knew me, you would know that…?

I love meeting new people and love socializing.

What was one big thing you learned or took away from last year?

This is the right time, the right place to be in real estate! Interesting times are coming.

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