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Tallest Buildings in Denver

Tallest Buildings in Denver

tallest buildings in denver, colorado

While no new buildings have cracked the top 10 of tallest buildings in Denver this year, the downtown business district has seen a newcomer that has taken over the #11 spot.

The 30-story, 452 foot tall Block 162 recently topped off and features an ultra-sleek, all-glass facade. This super-modern office building boasts a unique roofline as the glass continues and flares beyond the top, hiding the mechanical structures and creating a stately masterpiece amidst a sea of older earth tone hued buildings.

Block 162 Offers Class A Office Space, LEED Gold Certification

Developed by the Patrinely Group, this state-of-the-art building has left no detail unaddressed. First and foremost, office space starts on the 12th level, assuring all tenants views of the dowtown Denver and the Front Range and Rocky Mountains. There are no interior columns, and most offices enjoy 10 feet ceilings (level 11 features 13 foot ceilings; level 30, 12 foot). Restrooms boast high-quality European “Privada” stalls that maximize comfort and privacy.

The structure’s crown jewel is the Sky Terrace on the 11th floor. It features a tenant-exclusive fitness center, indoor-outdoor social lounge, private conference space, and a manicured outdoor garden. Expansive operable glass walls open onto an outdoor exercise lawn bringing light and fresh air into the fitness center for a workout experience unique to the Denver office market. The social lounge – a living room for your office – is open for the exclusive everyday use of Block 162 tenants, and can be reserved for private functions or catered affairs. The social lounge offers 2,800 square feet of conference and meeting space along with comfortable seating arrangements, two interior fireplaces, and multiple locations to work or relax.

Construction on the building is expected to wrap up by the end of 2020 and the new tenants will move in starting in 2021.

This project began in June of 2018. The tower takes up the entire north side of 15th between Welton and California streets.

Here are the top five tallest buildings in Denver. The top 3 were all built in the 1980s.

#1: Republic Plaza | 370 17th Street

714 feet, 56 stories

Republic Plaza Denver

Republic Plaza has held the top spot since 1984 and was renovated last year. Featuring over 1.8 million square feet, Republic Plaza offers 20,000 SF of collaborative workspace and tenant conference facilities. There is a brand new fitness center and many on-site shops, business services and restaurants. The building is in the heart of the central business district.

#2: 1801 California Street

709 feet, 53 stories

tallest buildings in denver

Built in 1983, the tower is an example of modernist high-rise architecture that was popular in the 1980s. If you were to include the pinnacle antennas on the roof, it would be the tallest building in Denver. CenturyLink once occupied the majority of offices here. Medical-ratings company Healthgrades will be occupying some of the space that the telecommunications company has left behind.

#3: Wells Fargo Center | “Cash Register Building,” 1700 Lincoln Street

698 feet , 50 stories

denver architecture

Benefitting by its elevated position on a hill, the quintessential Wells Fargo Center appears to be the tallest building in Denver. However, at 698 feet tall, this uniquely designed structure, in reality, is in 3rd place. The “Cash Register Building” recently underwent a $17 million makeover that includes a fitness center, upgraded lobby and a permanent art collection.

#4: Four Seasons Hotel | 1111 14th Street

641 feet, 45 floors

top denver buildings

Opened in the 2010, this is the newest member in the top five. Located in the Theater District neighborhood,  this is the only building in the top five that does not include offices. The lower 24 floors house guest rooms for the hotel and the upper 21 stories are residential suites. There is an exquisite heated rooftop pool, for residents and guests alike, which features beautiful potted plants, flowers and an assortment of trees. Prior to the emergence of the 1144 15th St. building (see below), the Four Seasons Hotel was the most recent structure to break the top five. Opened in 2010, it stands at 614 feet tall with 45 stories. In addition to hotel rooms, there are 21 floors of residential suites. 

#5: 1144 15th Street

denvers buildings

At 609 feet, the office building at 1144 15th St. supplanted 1999 Broadway (548 feet) as the fifth tallest building in Denver. This is the first Class A office tower built in the city since the mid 1980s, which saw a boom in high rise office buildings. The building was completed in early 2018.

Located in the Theater District neighborhood, this coruscant, ultra sleek, modern building is encased in floor to ceiling windows, offering sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains, downtown Denver and the Front Range. The first level of offices begin on the 14th story, with 13 levels of parking and a 5,000 square foot athletic center situated below. There is a tenant lounge that serves as an informal meeting place, and a chance to relax and enjoy the views. In addition to several outdoor terraced areas above ground, the street level lobby is tastefully appointed in oak and stone, and retail businesses are found on the street level.

The design of the building is truly a geometric wonder with numerous angles and setbacks. These features, in addition to its height, make the edifice a remarkable point of interest in the neighborhood.

Denver in Comparison 

And while we are proud of our Denver skyline, just to paint a little perspective, it pales in comparison to Dubai, the king of all skylines. Boasting 21 buildings over 1,000 feet high, this over-the-top city in United Arab Emirates also is the site of the tallest building in the world — the Burj Khalifa. It towers over the city at 2717 feet, 163 stories — approximately the same as stacking Denver’s top four buildings on top of each other!


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