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Preparing Your Home for Winter: Tips + Tricks

Preparing Your Home for Winter: Tips + Tricks

Winter is Coming…Are you ready for it?

Preparing your home for winter is indicative of how you will weather the cold months. Colorado has seen some drastic winters, take a look at last year’s statistics; we have no reason to believe this year will be any different. To make sure you are prepared this winter we’ve collected steps you can take to stay cozy all winter long.

Insulate Your Home Properly

Breezes are meant for the outdoors, not inside your home. Markedly, you will want to ensure your home is insulated properly. There is no time for drafts, so seal or caulk up any doors or windows that give you a chill. Another plus with good insulation, no soaring heating bills. It’s a win-win.

Service Your Heating System

A burnt out furnace would put a damper on anyone’s day, but especially when it’s below freezing outside. It is necessary that your heating system is in first-class condition going into winter.  Therefore, scheduling a maintenance check for your entire heating system: chimney, fireplace, furnace, and boiler; can go a long way. Obviously, those that have a fireplace know their luck through the winter season.

Check Your Roof & Gutters

Although indoor preparation is important, roof and gutter checks should take priority. Examine your roof for any missing or damaged shingles and get them fixed. There is no time for leaks in the midst of winter. Similarly, confirm your gutters and downspouts are clear. Tackling both these tasks will secure your preparation.

Prepare Your Pipes

What is worse than bursting someone’s bubble? A bursting or frozen pipe. To steer clear of this blast, insulate your exterior pipes and store your garden hoses, they won’t be needed this season. On those freezing days and nights, leave your faucets slowly dripping. This can help eliminate the probability of a frozen pipe. Simultaneously, keeping cabinet doors open will allow for air flow and lessen the chances of damaged pipes.

Snow Removal Equipment

Whether you like it or not, it’s the law: you must shovel the sidewalks surrounding your home. If you avoid this, you can face potential fines or worse, be held responsible for someone’s injury. Therefore, it is best to indulge in your duty. All you need is a pair of gloves, snow shoes and a shovel to get the job done!

Preparing your home with these steps is not only for your comfort, but also your safety. Along with maintaining the value of your property.

You can’t put a price tag on having a peace of mind. You can put a price tag on home repairs. Put these five steps on your to-do list before the snow is here to stay.

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