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Preparing Your Home for Cold Weather

Preparing Your Home for Cold Weather

Winter is coming in a big way tomorrow! Don’t be caught off guard by the cold weather – make sure to take the necessary precautions now so you can stay warm and safe as temperatures plunge.


Indoor Tips for Cold Weather


Outdoor Tips


In the event of a problem

Unfortunate incidents can occur at any time, but prompt action minimizes the damage. With a standard homeowners insurance policy in place, most deep freeze disasters are usually covered.

  • The last thing you want is for your pipes to freeze and burst, so don’t hesitate to take action right away if they seem frozen. Act fast in order to thaw them quickly before any potential damage could occur.
  • To protect your home from water damage caused by frozen and burst pipes, the most important thing you should do is turn off the main faucet to shutoff all water flow.
  • Once the water has been turned off, address any resulting mess or debris from flooding then ensure that every area affected has been dried out properly.
  • By taking this step, it will help prevent further issues such as mold growth in these dampened areas.
  • Call your insurance professional as soon as possible. They will help you understand what’s covered by your policy.

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