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Moving from Denver? Tips to Ease the Home Selling Process

Moving from Denver? Tips to Ease the Home Selling Process

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Are you getting ready to move from Denver? According to a recent analysis by Redfin, Denver ranks 8th among cities from which people are most likely to depart this year. California’s San Francisco and Los Angeles top the list. With this in mind, there are a couple of tips we can offer as a brokerage.

Housing Costs are Behind Many Out-of-State Moves

The Redfin survey cites a combination of high rent, scorching home prices, rising mortgage rates and remote working opportunities as the reasons residents of Denver are considering moving to locations where the cost of living is more affordable.

If you fall into this category and will be selling your home soon, keep in mind some of the steps you should take before you list your home. You’ll want to show off your home’s full potential in order to get top dollar. If you’ve properly maintained your home while you’ve lived in it, the preparation shouldn’t break the bank or take much time. From a fresh coat of paint to repairing anything that is broken or not operating properly, a little TLC will go a long way in presenting your home in a favorable light.

Watch this video to find out some of the nuances of how to sell your home when ahead of moving to another city.


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