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Mistakes Home Buyers Make | How to Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Mistakes Home Buyers Make | How to Avoid These Common Pitfalls

You’re ready to take the big step and buy a home. You start looking online at homes in the neighborhoods you like but then suddenly realize maybe you’re going about this the wrong way.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the thrill of the search but there is some very important groundwork to lay prior to pursuing your dream home. Going through the process methodically and thoughtfully will save you a lot of time and potential heartbreak.

Usaj Realty managing broker Jenny Usaj explains the mistakes home buyers make and how to avoid three of the most common pitfalls.

You Shop for a Home Before Speaking to a Lender

You are playing with fire if you don’t know ahead of time how much money you can spend on a home. Make sure you get pre-approved before even thinking about looking for a home. Once you get approved, you can dive into the numbers and get an idea of what you can afford. Then message me and we’ll get started into the process.

Overestimating Your Budget

This goes along with the above mistake. Many people think they have a bigger budget than they actually do. Your lender will sift through all your finances with a fine tooth comb and you’ll be able to see where you can cut unnecessary expenses. This process might enable you to consider a more expensive home.

Not Interviewing Multiple Agents

An astounding 73 percent of first time homebuyers go with the first real estate agent they speak to. Buying a home will most likely be the biggest purchase you ever make in your lifetime. Don’t entrust this purchase with the first person you talk to. It’s important to take into consideration an agent’s temperament, experience, knowledge and negotiation skills. These traits really matter! Due diligence is a must and make sure you interview several people before making your final decision.

At Usaj Realty, we provide personalized support and historical market data to help you, as a home buyer, to fully understand your options. When you are given the tools to effectively navigate the housing market, you are able to design a bright future for yourself and your loved ones. Our mission is simple. It is to be your ally and advocate during your home-buying journey. We want you to have clarity and know what each step entails before you take it. 

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