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Meet our Brokers | Catching up with Maddy Hollar

Meet our Brokers | Catching up with Maddy Hollar

Denver native Maddy Hollar is embracing the fast-paced real estate market in total stride. A recent home buyer said this after working with Maddy Hollar: “She was extremely accommodating and provided all of the information we needed to make informed decisions and led us through each step of the process. Madeline made us feel like we had an advocate when it came to finding and purchasing our property, and I would look forward to working with her again. Overall a great experience!”

A graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, Maddy Hollar feels fortunate to have spent her entire life here along the Front Range. It has given her a unique perspective on the Denver metro real estate market, and her experiences bring a fresh outlook to the home buying and selling process.

With her background in the hospitality industry and her outgoing personality, Maddy Hollar has been able to develop many connections that have significantly aided her clients’ real estate transactions. Learn more about Maddy and how she can help you with your home buying and selling needs.

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Q. Talk about the Denver real estate market generally and what makes it exciting for you.

I feel extremely lucky to have grown up in Denver. I’ve traveled around the state while growing up and I honestly don’t see myself ever leaving. Denver has grown and flourished immensely over the years, and it’s been really cool to watch. Due to low interest rates, record low inventory, and high buyer demand, the market has become the strongest seller’s market we’ve seen thus far and it isn’t expected to shift anytime soon. I truly enjoy being a trusted advisor for my clients, especially in a dynamic market like Denver. I pride myself on navigating the market with ease to ensure my clients reach their long-term real estate goals.

Q: What advice are you giving your clients who are trying to buy a home?

I prioritize educating my clients on how to make an offer stand out amongst other hungry buyers, which involves setting their expectations upfront so that there are no surprises along the way. I give them advice on tactics that can be used to be prepared in a seller’s market, such as appraisal gap strategies, limiting or waiving inspection, increasing earnest money, and rent back options. This ensures that my buyers are set up for success and are not overwhelmed with the process of buying a home. Additionally, I also tell my buyers to look for homes under their max budget so they have wiggle room to go up in price and to potentially cover an appraisal gap.

Q. What do you find most desirable about the Denver area? What would you tell people who are considering a move here?

Having been born and raised here, I may be a little biased when hyping up the city I love. I believe that Denver has great things to offer people from many different walks of life. For active people, there are extensive bike paths and scenic running trails. For families with young kids, fun parks and great schools are always nearby. For beer lovers, Denver is a mecca for independent breweries and patio bars. Something about 300 days of sunshine a year makes this city and its people thrive.

Q. What was your biggest accomplishment during the pandemic?

Although my biggest accomplishment did not happen in the early stages of the pandemic, my biggest success was all the effort I put in throughout this past year. This last quarter was my most successful since starting my career at Usaj Realty. I was able to make connections with clients who relied on me and the team to further their homeownership goals and grow my business. While the pandemic has brought on unexpected challenges to all of us, I am proud to see what hard work and a supportive team can do to get me closer to my goals.

Q: What are some of the challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges that my buyers and I faced was how to make their offer stand out among multiple other buyers. In many cases, we had to move quickly due to the pace of the market, which meant touring homes the same day that they were listed and promptly submitting competitive offers. No matter the outcome, I work to ensure that my buyers have clarity and trust in the home buying process.

Q. Any hobbies or pursuits that you’d like to share?

A recent pursuit of mine is to hone my tennis skills, so I recently joined the Washington Park Tennis League. Every week, a group of women and I compete in matches and join each other for socials afterward. It has become an activity that I look forward to every Wednesday, and I am happy to enjoy the sport with my family as well.

Q. What are your go-to apps and why do you need them?

My go-to app for the summer is AllTrails. It makes it easy to find new trails that you can sort by categories, such as hiking and biking, and know the difficulty level before you go. Another perk is that other app users are able to leave reviews and comments so you can see if the hike is suited for you.

Q. Who or what provides the most inspiration for you?

I am inspired by leading and living a healthy life. Having played competitive sports since a young age, I always find inspiration through movement. I have come to rely on and look forward to outdoor activity, whether that be going for a hike, taking my dog on a run, or skiing during the winter. Staying active keeps me motivated and allows me to further my goals in other aspects of my life.

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