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Your Guide to Local Christmas Tree Lots

Your Guide to Local Christmas Tree Lots

There’s nothing quite like waking up on a chilly morning, with your home filled with the smell of natural pine. Let’s skip the scented candles and plug ins, and head over to one of the local Christmas tree lots.

Your Real Christmas Tree To-Do List

Before you get chopping, there are a couple of things to plan for.

  1. First, and most important, you will need a permit. But don’t worry, it’s very easy! You can obtain this with a local vendor, or through this site.
  2. Pack the proper tools to cut down your tree, otherwise have someone help you at the lot.
  3. Before you pack your power tools, double check that they’re allowed at the lot. A cordless chainsaw is ideal, otherwise you’ll need an ax.

Type this into your GPS

Now that you’re all prepped, let’s figure out which local Christmas tree lots are for you!

Below are a couple of maps to help you navigate the best lot in terms of proximity:

local Christmas tree lots

Less interested in location, and more curious about how much time you have? Read over the list below, read in order of when permits go on sale!

Denver | Front Range

Currently available for permit purchase, the Denver Front Range is the largest area where you can chop down a tree. And with more options, you’re more likely to find the perfect fit for your home. This permit also covers Arapaho, Roosevelt, Pike, San Isabel, and White River National Forests!

Rio Grande National Forest

From November 1st to the last day of December, Rio Grande is offering Christmas trees! However, you will need a special use authorization along with your permit.

Creekside Tree Nursery

Not interested in cutting down your own tree but still want a real tree in your home? Creekside is a great lot to pick up pre-cut and living trees. These are available now!

San Juan National Forest

On November 12th, permits become available for the trees in San Juan National Forest. Need a Christmas Tree map and Tree Identification help? Find your tree before you go!

Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forest

Permits are available starting November 13th and expire at midnight on December 31st. The permit cost is typically around $8.


Wish you had more room to set up a real Christmas tree? Contact Usaj Realty to learn about financial creativity and how it can aid you in getting your dream home.

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