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Meet Our Brokers | Kira Fleischer

Meet Our Brokers | Kira Fleischer

Denver native Kira Fleischer is Usaj Realty’s newest real estate broker. Educated from K-12 at the Denver Waldorf School and then obtaining her undergraduate degree at CU-Boulder in biology and public health, Kira Fleischer brings a wealth of community knowledge and passion to the table.

Exhibiting outstanding communication skills and unending desire to change people’s lives through homeownership, she is excited about joining the Usaj Realty team. Having lived her entire life in the larger Denver metro area, Kira Fleischer brings unique expertise and skill to the table in helping people buy and sell real estate.

Ready to assist with all your real estate needs, here is a little more information on Kira Fleischer’s background and perspective regarding the red hot Denver real estate market.

Tell me a little about Kira Fleischer

I was born and raised in Southwest Denver around Wolcott Lake. My childhood was spent discovering the beautiful Rocky Mountains with my parents and brother Max. We would go camping, hiking, and biking throughout Colorado and Moab. I attended CU Boulder for my undergraduate degree and decided to move back to Denver after I graduated to truly experience all this city has to offer.

Did your childhood/growing up have any bearing on your getting into real estate? 

I have always been a part of tight knit communities in Denver. I attended the Denver Waldorf School from kindergarten to 12th grade, which gave me lifelong relationships and opportunities. I think being a part of a smaller community made me really cherish those lasting friendships and gave me the ability to put my time and energy into other people.

Have you had other careers before becoming a real estate broker? If so, what were they and how has that experience impacted your real estate career?

I received my undergraduate degree from CU Boulder in Biology and Public Health. With that I decided to pursue a career in emergency medicine as an advanced EMT. The healthcare field has fine tuned my communication skills as well as my ability to care and listen to individuals. It also gave me the ability to think on my feet in stressful situations and know how to comfort and support individuals when they most need it. The skills I learned throughout my healthcare experience have helped me give my clients the best buying and selling experiences.

IMG_0192_OriginalHow did you get interested in real estate? 

Growing up in Denver and watching this city change into what it is today drove me to pursue a career in real estate. Seeing how buying or selling a property can truly change peoples’ lives for the better sparked my passion for this industry and all that it can do for people.

Talk about the Denver real estate market generally and what makes it exciting for you.

The Denver real estate market is an ever-changing entity. The fast paced vibe of the market reminds me of my time in emergency medicine. You need to think and act quick, while also balancing the needs of your clients.

What has been your biggest accomplishment during the pandemic? 

During the pandemic I decided I wanted to challenge myself physically and mentally by backpacking the Conundrum Hot Springs trail. The trail is located in Maroon Bells, which is right outside of Aspen, CO and is approximately 20 miles around-trip. The motivation of getting to the top is the chance to take a soak in the beautiful conundrum hot springs. That experience taught me that challenges, even if a bit painful, can make you grow in ways you would never imagine and you can learn a lot about yourself throughout the process.

What are some of the challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?

Throughout my healthcare experience, there was a lot of uncertainty in many areas that I had to work around. Especially in a first responder roll, I had to act quick in situations where I didn’t know what was to come next. I learned how to keep calm during high intensity situations and how to best care for my patients during these times.

Any hobbies or pursuits that you’d like to share?

Recently I have been getting into running. It has helped me a lot during this pandemic to get outside and clear my mind. I have been focusing on pushing myself a little bit further each time, whether increasing my minute mile or picking a new trail in the mountains to explore.

What are your go-to apps and why do you need them?

My go-to apps for workouts are definitely Peloton for weight training and Alltrails for finding all the best hiking trails throughout Colorado. For finding and making the best music playlists, it would be Spotify. Lastly, I always use Waze (a maps app) to get me where I need to be on time.

Who or what provides the most inspiration for you?

My aunt, Patricia, has been a major inspiration in my life. She is a nurse practitioner working at Craig Hospital (one of the top rehabilitation facilities in the country). She has constantly pushed herself to do more for her community and be the best healthcare provider possible.

What’s currently on your nightstand (reading material)?

I have recently been reading Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. It is about the journey of Dr. Paul Farmer who fought for underserved communities in Haiti, Russia and Peru to rid them of tuberculosis. In terms of real estate, I have been reading the Ninja Selling book, which is groundbreaking for anyone who needs to hone their communication skills.

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