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Home Renovation Projects Before a Summer Sale

Home Renovation Projects Before a Summer Sale

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According to Today’s Homeowner’s report, home renovation projects can boost the ROI by up to 69% on average. No wonder more than 8 out of 10 homeowners have already embarked on renovation projects, spending a staggering $472 billion in the last year alone.

So if you haven’t joined the renovation bandwagon yet, it’s time to rethink your life choices! But for those who have already embraced the notion, the primary concern is: which area of your house should you upgrade to get the best return on investment (ROI) this spring sale? We’ve got you covered!

In this guide, we’ve rounded up the top 5 home renovation projects that can turn your humble abode into a high-value property and significantly increase its value before a spring sale—read on to learn more. 

#1: Exterior Renovation Projects

Before listing your property for sale, it’s worth considering some exterior renovation projects to increase its value and appeal to potential buyers.

With the right exterior renovation projects, you’ll be sure to have potential buyers lining up. Here are a few remodeling ideas to get you moving and renovating:


Landscaping can be a splendid approach to enhancing the outdoor scenery of your home, increasing its worth and making it stand out. 

A well-groomed lawn, trimmed shrubs and trees, and colorful flowers can give your property an inviting look that buyers will appreciate. Not to mention, tasteful landscaping can even increase the curb appeal of your home and turn it into a showstopper.

When creating a landscape design, try to bring out the unique features of your property. It doesn’t have to be intricate or expensive—a few simple upgrades can make all the difference.

Planting trees and shrubs around the perimeter can improve your home’s privacy while adding visual appeal. Adding brightly-colored flowers or grasses can infuse pops of color to create an eye-catching scenery. 

Lastly, don’t forget to trim overgrown trees and bushes, add fresh mulch, or upgrade your lighting fixtures for a modern look.

Deck and Patio

Deck and patio renovations can add much-needed character to the exterior of your home. 

Consider adding a deck or patio with comfortable seating, a cozy fire pit, and lush landscaping. You may even take it one step further and install an outdoor kitchen to wow potential buyers.

A new deck or patio can give potential buyers an outdoor living space to enjoy. Natural wood is a popular choice for decks and can add charm to the exterior of your home. 

Installing beautiful flagstone pavers or other hardscaping materials on your patio is another great way to add character and create an inviting atmosphere.

Adding a pergola is also a great idea to upgrade your deck and patio. It can provide shade on hot days while adding a stylish touch to any outdoor living space. You can also consider enclosing your deck or patio with a privacy fence to give you more seclusion and protection from the elements.

Roofing and Gutters

If you’re looking to give your home some extra curb appeal, roofing, and gutters should be top of your list.

A new roof is an expensive project but can dramatically boost the appearance of your home and add real value. If a full replacement isn’t in the budget, consider having a professional inspect it and repair any damage or missing shingles. Slight repairs can make a huge difference and may be enough to help draw in buyers.

In addition, you should also look at the gutters in your home. Consider replacing the debris-filled gutters with a new and clean system. Clean gutters not only protect your roof from water damage but also add a neat appeal to your home.

Finally, remember to add some decorative touches, such as shutters or window boxes, to spice up the exterior of your home. Even something small like a fresh coat of paint can transform this neglected area of your house.


#2: Kitchen Renovation Projects

The kitchen is deemed the heart of your home and can make or break any potential buyer’s impression. If a kitchen looks outdated, dingy, and in need of repair, buyers will be less likely to make an offer. 

But fret not! Renovating these three key areas of your kitchen, you can easily transform your kitchen and get the most out of your spring sale:


Countertops are one of the primary features of a kitchen. Upgrading your countertops is an easy way to transform your kitchen and add value to your home during kitchen renovation

Replace worn-out laminate or tile with luxurious quartz, granite, or marble. These materials will make your kitchen look more high-end and give it a modern and chic aesthetic.

Quartz is a fashionable choice for kitchen countertops due to its durability, low maintenance, and various colors and patterns. Granite countertops are also highly durable and resistant to heat and scratches. Marble, on the other hand, is a classic but the most high-maintenance of the three materials.

When selecting countertops for your kitchen renovation, carefully consider the color and pattern of your chosen material. White marble or gray granite would nicely fit if you have a traditional or classic kitchen style. 

For a more modern look, a bold color like blue quartz or green soapstone would look incredible—adding a refreshing change to your kitchen. 


Nothing is more dated than old, wooden cabinets that have seen better days. Fortunately, you don’t need to gut your entire kitchen to update these! With a few simple steps and some paint or new hardware, you can transform your kitchen’s look in no time. 

Start off by removing any existing hardware from the cabinets and use a damp cloth to wipe them clean. Next, you’ll want to sand the cabinet doors lightly for a smoother finish. Finally, paint the cabinets, replace the old hardware, and apply your desired finish—Your kitchen cabinets are good as new. 

However, if your cabinets are completely worn out, or you want to create a brand new look, opt for sleek white shaker kitchen cabinets.

White shaker cabinets are a popular option for their simple and timeless style, adding elegance and brightness to any kitchen. Not only do they look great, but white shaker cabinets are also extremely durable and remain in style for years to come. 


Appliances are a great way to breathe life into your kitchen. With a few key upgrades, you can transform your outdated, lackluster kitchen into a modern marvel without breaking the bank. 

In most cases, swapping out old appliances with modern models will do wonders for the look of your kitchen. You can also opt for energy-efficient models that enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic as well as save a bundle on your energy bill.  

Consider upgrading your dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, and other major appliances to ensure they are up-to-date. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can opt for smart appliances to give your kitchen a high-tech feel. Installing refrigerators with built-in touchscreens or stoves with Wi-Fi capability can add another figure to your property’s selling price.

Last, but not least, add in a few shiny new pots and pans for good measure. With all these upgrades, your kitchen will be sure to turn heads this spring sale season.

#3: Bathroom Renovation Projects

Renovating your bathroom can do wonders for its appearance and appeal to potential buyers. You can make small changes, like swapping out fixtures or painting, or go big by replacing old fixtures, rearranging the layout, and installing new floors and fixtures.

Here are some important areas to spruce up your bathroom before listing your house on the market:


Fixtures are the finishing touches that can make a big difference to your bathroom’s overall look and feel. Upgrading fixtures like faucets, cabinet handles, and showerheads are a great place to start. Replace the old, worn-out, rusty faucets and showerheads with newer, more stylish models. 

You might also want to change any old-fashioned towel racks with newer designs. These small changes can add up to make your bathroom feel more modern and inviting. Additionally, they’re relatively easy to install yourself—so you can unravel your inner DIY-ist instead of paying someone else to do the job!

To make an even bigger statement, install a rain-style shower head for a spa-like experience. Or you can upgrade your bathroom with low-flow toilets. Not only will this save you on your water bill, but it will also keep the environment healthy and reduce water usage in your home. 

Tiles and Flooring

Tiles and flooring are promising solutions to add the missing style, color, and character to your bathroom.

Change the outdated carpeting or linoleum with wood or tile. Doing so will instantly upgrade your bathroom and give it a luxurious look.

For a complete makeover, replace your existing tiles with something modern and stylish. Wood flooring is the ideal choice to create a more natural and homey feel. Alternatively, luxury vinyl tile is an affordable option that looks real but won’t break the bank. Marble and stone are also popular choices, as they infuse a touch of sophistication into the room.

You can also choose eye-catching patterns, textures, and colors to give your bathroom a unique look. Or, if you’re looking to save money and time, you can freshen up the existing tiles with grout cleaner or paint.

Whatever type of flooring you choose, ensure it is waterproof and won’t be damaged by moisture or humidity. While renovating, be mindful of your bathroom’s style and functionality. 


Lighting is one critical element that can give your bathrooms a much-needed facelift. Add some brighter lights and see how instantly it opens up your bathroom space and show off any features you’ve updated in the renovation process.

For an extra touch of style, consider under-cabinet lighting for late-night visits to the bathroom that won’t require reaching for a switch. Or add wall sconces alongside your mirror to provide ambient light during those early morning prep sessions. 

If you like a more natural look, try installing some skylights—they’ll let in plenty of natural light and make your bathroom look larger.


Check with local building codes for applicable restrictions or regulations to ensure your new fixtures are up to code. Make sure the lights you pick are all UL-listed or Underwriters Laboratories listed. This official safety standard will help ensure that your lights won’t cause any dangers in the bathroom.

After all, safety should always come first!

#4: Flooring Renovation Projects

Updating your flooring is an excellent idea to dramatically improve the appearance of your house while increasing its functionality and value. You can easily update the look of a space by refinishing, replacing, or adding new flooring. From carpeting to hardwood, laminate, and tile—there are many options to choose from that will suit any budget. 

Here are three popular flooring renovation ideas that can give your home an entirely new lease on life:

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a classic choice to revamp your home for a better selling price. Not only does it provide a timeless aesthetic, but hardwood floors can last for decades with the proper care and maintenance. 

While hardwood flooring may cost more than other flooring options, it’s worth considering as a valuable investment due to its durability and quality. Several types of wood are available, from lighter bamboo to deeper tones like walnut or mahogany. And depending on the interior look you’re going for, there is a wide range of finishes to choose from—from glossy and polished to rustic and distressed.

Hardwood flooring is also incredibly durable and can withstand rough foot traffic—without showing too much wear and tear. With proper sealing and refinishing every few years, hardwood floors can look like new for many years to come. Plus, hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain, making them an ideal option for busy households.


Carpeting is one sure way to add warmth and comfort to any room of the house. Installing new carpets can dramatically refresh the look of a room while making it seem cozier and more inviting. Not only that, but it’s also one of the most affordable options for flooring renovation projects.

From shag carpets to Berbers, carpet comes in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. You can easily find something that fits the theme of your house. Choose a patterned or textured carpet. It can be easier to maintain and clean—making life easier for the next family to live in the facilities. 

Carpeting can also help with noise reduction, adding more insulation to your home and even helping keep dust particles out of the air. Ultimately elevating the aesthetics and functionality of your house.

Tile Flooring

A new tile flooring is an investment that will stay with the house long after it’s sold. It’s versatile and durable, and comes in various colors, textures, shapes, sizes, and patterns. 

Whether you’d like classic white subway tile or glimmering mosaic tiles for an exciting focal point in your kitchen—there are plenty of options to suit your taste.

For a contemporary look, consider porcelain or ceramic tile. These durable materials come in an array of colors and textures. Moreover, these tiles are easy to maintain, making them an ideal flooring choice for families with young children or pets.

You can use tiles for walls and backsplashes too. So get creative and create a unique and stylish look that the potential buyers will love.

#5: Painting Renovation Projects

Last but not least, if you want to increase your chances of selling your home quickly, a brilliant paint job is a must. New paint can completely transform a room, freshen up tired walls, or even provide a good surface to add wallpapers and patterns.

Here are two types of house paints you must renew to increase your property value before a spring sale:

Interior Painting

home renovation

Renewing your interior paint is the way to go to create a fresh, new, and revived look for your home. Interior painting allows you to put your personal stamp on any space, and it’s easier—and less expensive—than you may think!

Add a new color to your walls, make patterns and designs, and create a brand-new theme for the hour. Or if that’s out of the capacity of your time and budget, you can refresh your walls with a new coat of paint to update the look of your home—it’s that simple! 

When it comes to interior painting, there are so many colors, sheens, and finishes available. You can choose warm colors like reds and oranges for a cheerful atmosphere or cooler colors like blues and greens for a calming feel. 

Once you have decided on the right hue for your home, you can choose the sheen and finish to finish the look. And Voila! Just like that, your house’s value skyrockets!

Exterior Painting

A simple paint job on the exterior walls of your home can make it look inviting, stylish, and well-maintained. With just one coat of paint or a few accents here and there, you can truly alter the overall appearance of your home.

Exterior painting can help protect your home from the elements and give it an instant facelift. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, classic look or an updated modern feel, the right color can make a big difference.

Choose a color scheme that will match your home’s architecture and complement your neighborhood’s surroundings. Maintain a consistent look throughout the outside of your house. 

Moreover, make sure to choose weather-resistant paint that’s designed to withstand sun, rain, snow, and wind. These careful considerations will help your paint last longer and look better for a long time. Ultimately raising your house’s value for a better sale price.

Conclusion: Renovate to Yield a Higher Revenue!

Renovating your house presale not only enhances the physical appeal of your property but can also significantly increase its value. 

Upgrade the exterior, paint the walls, spruce up the bathrooms and kitchen, and replace old flooring—each renovation project adds more value to your home. It’s like adding gold stars to your house’s resume, making it a top pick for potential buyers.

So, ignite your creativity and start renovating your home now! The sooner you get started, the more time you’ll have to learn more about the selling process! 

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