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How to Find the Right Realtor to Sell Your Home

How to Find the Right Realtor to Sell Your Home

Selling your home can be an emotionally charged ride that benefits from a steady and calm presence. In other words, pick your realtor carefully!

Regardless of whether the local real estate market is hot or lukewarm, the importance of an experienced realtor can’t be overstated when it comes time to sell what might be your biggest asset. Many homeowners in the Denver area have decided that now is the time to sell their home and cash out on the equity they earned over just the last few years.

Hiring a real estate professional to help guide you through the selling process should be a decision that you do not take lightly. Whoever you select should be an experienced realtor who not only gets you top dollar for your home but makes the process as seamless as possible. Having a trusted realtor at your side who can address your concerns and help make decisions is extremely helpful in putting your mind at ease during this stressful time.

Hiring a real estate professional to help guide you through the selling process should be a decision that you not take lightly. Whoever you select should be an experienced realtor who not only gets you top dollar for your home but makes the process as seamless as possible.

Interview at Least Three People

You will be interacting with your realtor for at least several months, from the time you sign the sales contract until you close on the property. And you may very well be having daily conversations so it’s important to have a good rapport and confidence that they will do a good job.

Ask questions! Make sure they are licensed, get references, and read reviews from former clients. Understand how they will be educating you on the local market conditions and what kind of pricing you can expect for your home.

What kind of marketing will they create for your home? Inquire about their website, social media influence, advertising, and other marketing channels they intend to use.

Often, realtors will have assistants or co-agents who will work with them on a property. Ask if this will be the case, and if so, how the work will be divided and who will be your primary contact.

Finally, your real estate professional gets paid by commission. Ask what the commission is and how it’s divided with the agent representing the buyer. It’s imperative to know ahead of time how much money will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale. In addition to the commission, there are fees associated with the title company, property tax, potential utility payouts, buyer credits, and mortgage payoffs.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve decided on a realtor, you’ll be making a number of important decisions including pricing, deciding if any improvements or upgrades are necessary before your home hits the market and whether a home staging professional is needed.

These considerations may hinge on your budget, the neighborhood in which you reside, and your timeline. The combination of rising mortgage rates and spring buyers coming on the scene are making many home sellers anxious to get their property on the market sooner rather than later. This is a very personal decision, and only you know what is best for you and your family. Make sure you feel comfortable with the plan and what you think is realistic.

What Usaj Realty Offers to Home Sellers

Usaj Realty is a boutique real estate company with offices in Denver and Vail. We have a bevy of professional, full-time realtors who take pride in their work and will help you achieve your real estate goals. Home selling can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. We will help take that burden off your shoulders

Some of the key aspects of our brokerage that sets us apart from others include:

  • You will get phenomenal customer service when working with Usaj Realty. In addition to the exceptional care your realtor provides, they have the support of numerous staff at the company who perform many behind-the-scenes tasks. Providing support to the firm’s realtors, the staff allows your real estate professional to spend more time with you and focus on making your sale a priority. Whether it’s answering questions or needing last-minute attention to your home prior to a showing, your realtor stands ready to help.
  • You’ll gain incredible value when you work with Usaj Realty. The services we offer are aimed at taking the headache out of selling and getting you top dollar. A few of the ways we help you achieve top dollar are:
    • Helping you understand what repairs are truly necessary in preparation to list
    • Walk you through how a staging consultant can help attract more buyers
    • A pre-inspection can be a useful tool to sellers in our local market. Your Usaj Realty broker will explain the pros and cons of this practice.
    • Establishing a competitive price point that will bring you some great offers.
    • Managing your ideal timeline by scheduling any repairs needed, staging vendors, cleaning services, local painters, landscaping services, and more.
    • Professionally designed print and digital marketing and advertising to attract qualified buyers to your home.
    • Our agents are full-time, experienced real estate professionals who work diligently to communicate thoroughly and effectively with the buyers’ agents who inquire about your home.
    • Negotiating the sales contract with diligence and attention to detail so that your expectations are met.
  • We care about the details when it comes to selling. Those particulars really do matter when preparing your home for showings. Casting your residence in the best possible light — from decluttering, to professional videos, to home repair coordination, to contract negotiation and everything in between — we will be there to manage the little and big services.
  • You’ll understand where the process is going. Multiple offers can be overwhelming to navigate. That’s why we work with you ahead of time to understand what each contract term and deadline means, so you know what to look for ahead of time and are able to compare each offer, apples to apples. You’ll examine each offer one by one with your Usaj Realty broker, so you feel confident when it comes time to choose the winner.

How We Help You Buy Your Next Home

Furthermore, there are now modern financing programs that allow you to buy a new home before selling yours. In Denver’s sizzling real estate market, it’s no surprise cash offers are three times more likely to beat financed bids. There are now companies and mortgage brokers that will make every client a cash buyer, allowing home buyers to compete in multiple offer situations with a cash offer along with potentially other enhancements.

In order words, you are no longer hampered by your existing mortgage when it comes to making an offer. By using modern financing product and paying a small convenience fee, homeowners will get approved for a specific amount of money that opens the door for making a cash offer on a home. The company will then purchase the home and will rent it back to you for up to six months while the former home is on the market. Once the home sells, the client can then buy the new home back from Homeward. They can also provide loan services on your new purchase which will further reduce the fees associated with the transaction.

Contact your Usaj Realty Broker today to learn more about the services we offer to home sellers!

We want to impress you enough so you choose to work with us again and again in the future. We do this by exceeding your expectations and providing the utmost care and professionalism!

Jason Tanabe

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