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Homeowners’ Gift Guide

Homeowners’ Gift Guide

Have you or one of your loved ones recently bought a home? We all know, this is a big step, arguably one of the bigger moments in your lifetime. While the process can be intimating, the outcome is unbeatable. We’ve accumulated the best housewarming gifts and created a Homeowners’ Gift Guide. Use this to share the excitement and say congratulations to your loved ones!

Homesick New Home Candle

This candle smells like a new chapter. Scents of fresh linen and clean air will fill the house along with memories that will last a lifetime.

Dish Towel Set

Giving a dish towel set as a housewarming gift is a thoughtful and practical gesture that your friends will surely appreciate! Not only will this handy gift add a little charm to their new kitchen, it will also prove useful time and time again. From handling hot dishes to wiping spills, a dish towel set is a must-have in every home. So why not give a gift that’s both stylish and functional?

Olive Oil 

Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, olive oil is a necessity. While you can easily buy it at the grocery store, splurging on a premium bottle makes all the difference. Not only does it add to the aesthetic of the kitchen, but also adds a dash of indulgence.

Ring Doorbell

Most people have said goodbye to traditional doorbells and upgraded to a Ring doorbell. This smart doorbell lets you see, hear, and speak to visitors from anywhere, offering peace of mind and convenience like never before. Its clear video quality and two-way audio feature ensures you never miss a beat, whether it’s a parcel delivery or a friendly neighbor’s visit. Stay connected to your home with alerts sent straight to your phone.

Throw Blanket

How about treating your friend to a Barefoot Dreams Blanket for their new abode? Imagine them wrapping up in this luxuriously soft and ultra-comfortable blanket after a long day of moving and unpacking. It’s more than just a gift — it’s a cloud-like embrace

Nest Soap & Lotion Set

Gift them a Nest soap and lotion set! Nest’s high-quality products, known for their exquisite fragrances, will transform their daily routine into a luxurious experience. Each time they wash their hands or lather on the lotion, they’ll cherish the soothing, delicate aroma. A Nest soap and lotion set – the perfect housewarming gift for that touch of everyday luxury.

Coaster Set

A coaster set is far more than a simple tabletop accessory. It’s a secret weapon against the feared and loathed water ring marks on their brand new furniture. Imagine their joy as they place their steaming mug or icy cold drink on these stylish saviors, knowing their furniture is safe from harm. After all, nothing screams “Cheers to your new home!” quite like gifting them freedom from ever having to yell, “Use a coaster, please!”

Tool Kit 

A new house means new walls, a blank canvas with endless possibilities. The need of tools is not always on the forefront of our minds. Snag your friend a tool kit so they can get art up on the walls, furniture put together. Help them bring their imagination to life!

Personalized Wooden Spoon

A personalized wooden spoon is a delightful blend of utility and sentiment, making it an unforgettable gift to celebrate their new home. It’s not just practical, but it also adds a unique, homey charm to any kitchen. Each time they’ll use it – be it for stirring a hearty soup or whipping up their favorite cake batter – they will remember your thoughtful gesture.

Candle Accessory Set

Pairing well with the Homesick New Home candle, this 3-in-1 set has everything one needs for candle maintenance. A candle wick trimmer, snuffler, and a wick dipper will leave your candles fresh and ready for the next burn.

Salt and Pepper Set

Almost every recipe calls for a little salt and pepper. These handy kitchen gadgets are not only easy and fun to use, but they also add a modern touch to any countertop or dining table. With this chic, electric dispensers you will never go back!

Snow Shovel

Winter is coming, and with it, snow. In Colorado it’s the law, you must shovel sidewalks surrounding your property. It’s a safety measure. So save your friend from a fine and get them a snow shovel.

Usaj Realty’s Home-Buying Guide

After all this talk about housewarming gifts, maybe you feel inspired to make a big purchase. Our favorite part of this Homeowners’ Gift Guide is what Usaj Realty has to offer for those interested in buying or selling. Our agent’s are ready to assist you throughout the entire process and help turn your real estate dreams into a reality.

While there are endless gift options for those achieving big milestones in their life, we hope you use our Homeowners’ Gift Guide as a resource to celebrate the big wins in life!

Homeowners' Gift Guide

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