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Home Maintenance Services: Local Providers in Denver

Home Maintenance Services: Local Providers in Denver

Once you become a homeowner, you’ll soon discover that you’ll need a solid list of maintenance and home improvement personnel. Unlike when you’re renting, you are now the “landlord.”

As the owner of your property, the responsibilities of upkeep, maintenance and improvements fall squarely on your shoulders. And it’s in your best interests to stay on top of repairs to ensure your property appreciates over the years. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to invest in home improvements to further increase the value of your investment.

Whether you’re in need of some routine maintenance, minor (or major) home upgrades or emergency repairs, below you’ll find service providers in the greater Denver metro area. It’s always a good idea to get several estimates before making your decision. Make sure you understand what the costs will be ahead of time, what timeline you’re looking at for the work to be done, and if they offer any discounts.

Keep in mind, the lowest estimate may not always be the best choice. Quality of work, being able to provide references, understanding the scope and details of the job and project follow through are key considerations when determining who should be awarded the job.


Bret Tebo Handyman, 720-602-6019

Rocky Mountain Restoration, 303-999-8832

Tom Millis, 303-550-1204

R3 Denver, 303-472-3714


Kingdom Electric, 720-985-9575

ARK Electric, 303-656-3689


Diamondback Drains, 303-650-2903

Priority Drain & Sewer, 720-636-5817

Horizon Services, 720-519-0953

High Five Plumbing, 720-330-4868


Roof Brokers, 303-750-1900

Reitz Roofing, 303-466-0161

Jenisis Roofing, 303-789-1505

Adobe Roofing, 303-904-9146


Amazing Moves, 303-223-4623

Fischer Van Lines, 720-297-9904

Cowboy Moving and Storage, 303-789-2200

Johnson Storage and Moving, 303-785-4305

Sewer line scope

Sewer Lines Only, 720-340-5613

Diamondback Drains, 303-650-2903

Safe Investment Sewer and Drain, 303-233-0750

SewerScope LLC, 303-750-0336


Mount Mechanical,720-807-1300

Horizon Services, 720-519-0953

Ultimate Heating and Air, 303-289-2070

Colorado Plumbing Solutions, 720-955-7951


Mile High Seamless Gutters, 303-762-9841

Radon Testing/Mitigation

Vango Inspections, 720-360-6520

5280 Radon Mitigation, 720-695-6677

All Colorado Radon Mitigation, Inc., 720-726-4556

Mold Testing

Mold Check Inc., 720-971-9900

Water Damage

All Dry, 720-347-9236

Home Staging

Sagewood Interiors, 617-820-8823

Pineapple Interiors, 303-771-0761

Sarah Noel Interiors, 720-227-3345

SJT Interiors, 303-949-2616

General Contractors

Howard Boyd, 303-548-4528

Chris Meyer, 303-552-7450

Todd Cooper, 303-587-2882

Patrick Lareau, 720-331-5411

Garage Door Repair

Local First Garage Doors, 720-980-0524

Salon Garage Door Repairs, 303-529-3115

Horizon Services, 720-519-0953


Justin Nibblet, 720-569-0168

A Perfect Finish, 720-492-9795

Evan, 303-903-2614

Chimney Sweep

Midtown Chimney Sweeps, 303-357-4909

Chimney Sweep Lone Tree, 970-633-5517

Lead Paint Testing

Teton Lead Paint Testing, 303- 883-6915

Lead Safe Testing, 303-539-9351

Carpet Cleaning

Sky Rise Carpet Cleaning, 720-251-5194

1st Place Carpet Cleaning, 720-839-3329

Carpets by Craig, 720-378-0408

Siding Repairs

Colorado Siding Repair, 303-816-3212

Kraftwork Design, 720-837-2113

Lifetime Windows Colorado, 303-536-8809

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