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What to Expect When Working with Usaj Realty

What to Expect When Working with Usaj Realty

When you’re ready to buy a home, it’s important to be working with a trusted professional at your side. Buying a home is an exciting but stressful time, and knowing someone is looking out for your best interests is a critical piece in a home purchase.

Usaj Realty is a boutique real estate brokerage in Denver. We are your local residential real estate experts. With Usaj Realty, you will receive a superior level of expertise and service. Because satisfying our clients depends on the united efforts of many, we work together cooperatively to effectively accomplish your real estate goals.

In the fast-paced Denver residential real estate market, we have carefully vetted professionals who are committed to your successful purchase of a home. Whether you are looking to buy your third home or are a first-time buyer, the agents at Usaj Realty want to make sure your dream becomes a reality.

At Usaj Realty, (pronounced “you say”), we believe being a homeowner is more than just owning a piece of real estate. It’s an investment in your future, a means of improving your quality of life, and the opportunity to create a true “home” that can grow your wealth for generations to come.

Here are just a few of the offerings our dedicated team of real estate brokers brings to the table when representing home buyers:

Market Knowledge So You Can be Competitive

Providing a solid backdrop on what you can expect when buying a home in the Denver metro area is a critical first step. It’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of market conditions and how to use the information to your advantage.

Neighborhoods in Denver and Beyond

It’s a good idea to have at least one neighborhood or several in mind before searching for homes. Maybe you need to be close to work or be in a certain school district. You’ll need to be thinking about your lifestyle and what you want in an area to help narrow down your choices. Once you know where you want to live, you Usaj agent will help you critically analyze the market data in that neighborhood to know what we need to do to be competitive.

What it all Costs

Whether you’re paying in cash or are in need of financing, you’ll have a bottom line on what you can afford. We’ll make sure you understand the various charges you’ll be responsible for as a home buyer. Remember, you’ll have to provide earnest money and will need to cover a variety of costs prior to closing, too.

Understanding the Pace of the Market

It’s good to know how quickly homes are going under contract. This will vary considerably by location, pricing, type of property, etc. This data is invaluable when considering when to make an offer and if there might be an opportunity for price negotiations.

Pros and Cons of Overbidding

Usaj Realty agents can help establish if and when you should consider offering the above asking price. Again, the neighborhood, price, type of property, features, etc., will all play into whether a heightened offer is justified.

Homes Bought with Cash or Loan

We will provide you with neighborhood data that shows the percentages of homes that were financed and those where cash offers were made. The financing piece of an offer will be carefully considered by the seller – we will go over all the key parts and have a plan that will set you up for success.

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We’ll Make Sure Your Financing Is All Set

Make sure you are pre-approved with the lender of your choice or have all your financial documents ready so you can make a cash purchase. Haven’t done this part yet? No worries, we can help you learn what to expect. The financial piece is probably the most critical element of being able to bid on a home, and Usaj Realty has checks and balances to assure you are in a position to make a strong offer.

We’ll Help You Find Your Dream Home

The neighborhood component is an important consideration in determining what your dream home looks like. But there is also a myriad of other factors including the number of bedrooms and baths, square footage, accessibility to public transportation, school district, single-family or condo, outdoor space, etc.

Your Usaj Realty agent will go through your must-haves and nice-to-haves frequently and make sure the list is up-to-date. Keep in mind, that list will probably change over time depending on the home inventory and other market conditions.

Based on your search criteria, you’ll receive MLS notifications when a property comes on the market that fits your wants and needs. It will be sent directly to your inbox which is critical in this fast-paced real estate environment. It’s important to have this information as soon as possible to enable you to act quickly.

The Usaj Realty Advantage

As a boutique real estate company, we offer personalized service and the ability to act quickly. Here are just a few benefits you receive when working with us:

  • Seven Days a Week Showing Assistance
    • Whether it’s after work or on the weekends, we are available to show you homes that fit your schedule. Our agents work collaboratively so you will always feel supported.
  • Writing Competitive Offers
    • Once you are ready, we will prepare a strong offer that will put you in a position to get under contract quickly. From including escalation clauses to appraisal gaps, to the pros and cons of waiving deadlines, we will put together the perfect offer that will win the home for you. And help you understand what all these items mean beforehand as well!
  • Getting You Under Contract
    • Having your offer accepted starts a clock where deadlines must be met and documents have to be filed. Your Usaj Realty agent will be in constant communication with you to remind you of when paperwork is due and to generally keep you on track.
  • Earnest Money
    • Your agent will help coordinate the transfer of your earnest money to the home seller. This “good faith” payment is typically a certain percentage of the contract price and once the deal closes, that money goes towards your down payment.
  • Setting up Your Home Inspection
    • A home inspection is always recommended, and the home buyer is responsible for the cost. Usaj Realty has access to highly regarded home inspectors who will examine all the home’s operating and safety systems and make the necessary suggestions on repairs and replacements.
  • Paperwork Deadlines
    • You will receive notifications when deadlines are upcoming and your Usaj Realty agent will always be checking your status. They will communicate with you consistently and clearly so these deadlines don’t catch you offguard.
  • Walkthrough and Closing
    • Prior to closing, a final walkthrough will be conducted to make sure everything in the home is in order. This is usually done just a few days prior to signing the closing documents.
    • You should set aside at least 45 minutes to sign off on all the closing documents and receive the keys to the house. You worked hard to get to this point so make sure you celebrate and enjoy the moment. Congratulations!


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