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Denver Real Estate Market Report for May 2022

Denver Real Estate Market Report for May 2022

Buyers Have More Choices and Negotiating Power

As showings have slowed down and active listings are up 76 percent year over year, buyers will start to see that they have more choices and more negotiating power. Inventory is still very low:  we only have 0.73 months of inventory for single homes and 0.52 for attached homes, but the increase in mortgage rates has begun to price out a portion of eligible buyers in May 2022.

How is the market changing?

Our typical seasonal shift in the market happened early this year. What we typically see after Independence Day occurred in April: fewer home buyers hitting the pavement and more price reductions.

According to Megan Aller, “Price reductions are on the rise with 1 out of every 4 listings that went under contract last week making a price reduction at approximately -5.2% from the original price.”

In May of last year, 6,719 homes went under contract and this year, that number was down to 6,181.

So what is causing this shift? A big factor is rising interest rates. Rates hit levels we have not seen since 2010, reaching a peak of  5.3 percent in mid-May. This puts a hefty dent in what people can afford and combined with all-time high prices, this has inevitably priced many people out of the market.

What has stayed the same? We are currently not seeing any indicators of a housing crash. For one, we still have very few homes on the market relative to demand. And the homes that are selling are doing so in a median of just 4 days, identical to May 2021. Equity is incredibly high in Colorado and across the country, putting homeowners in a good position to sell their homes if they need or want to.

According to ATTOM Data, “44.9 percent of mortgaged residential properties in the United States were considered equity-rich in the first quarter, meaning that the combined estimated amount of loan balances secured by those properties was no more than 50 percent of their homes estimated market values.”

So what does this mean for Denver metro homebuyers?

  • Prices are most likely going to remain high but you’ll have less competition
  • You’ll have more choices with more inventory hitting the market now through September when listings tend to slow down (Megan Aller)
  • Appreciation is going to slow down (the rate of 19 percent was unsustainable) as rents continue to rise
  • Depending on the types of homes you are looking to purchase, you won’t need to write such aggressive offers as home buyers who bought homes 1-3 months ago
  • Hone in on your “why” behind home shopping. Why do you want to become a homeowner and what is important to you for your long-term lifestyle and investment goals?

If I am considering listing my home, what should I know?

  • Close to List came in at 105.33% telling us buyers are still paying more than asking on average.
  • 8.3 percent of closed transactions in May had reduced their asking price before they locked down an offer, up from 6.9 last year.
  • Rising mortgage rates will continue to slow down the pace of the market
  • You can still expect to sell your home for a great price, but the competitiveness of the market is not what it was a month ago
  • Appreciation is most likely going to slow down (the rate of 19+ percent was always unsustainable)
  • Get really clear on the timeline that you need to sell your home by and be ready to make price reductions as needed to make that timeline a reality. If your home takes 3 weeks to sell, what does that mean for your moving timeline?

Key Quotes from Denver Metro Association of Realtors:

  • “After consecutive months of appreciation, negotiations and bidding wars, modest numbers this month became a sign that the market has returned to a semblance of ‘normal.’”
  • “Denver Metro’s housing market will be the story of two halves. The first of the year with unprecedented appreciation and the second half of the year with a return to normalization.”

May’s Numbers Over the Years:

Avg. Days on Market Avg. Sold Price: Single Family Home Avg. Sold Price: Condo # of New Listings # of Homes Sold # of Homes Pending Avg. Sold Price Change YOY 
May 2016 30 $456,018 $300,348 6,788 4,861 5,857 + 9.60%
May 2017 29 $490,700 $317,082 7,224 5,320 5,808 + 9.83 %
May 2018 18 $540,624 $356,337 7,748 5,235 6,178 + 11.37 %
May 2019 24 $555,482 $380,363 8,789 5,551 6,470 + 3.36 %
May 2020 23 $543,072 $368,241 7,312 3,152 6,809 – 1.31 %
May 2021 11 $700,559 $449,317 6,311 5,322 6,719 + 26.13  %
May 2022 9 $805,508 $494,419 6,810 5,445 6,181 + 14.94 %

Source: DMAR

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May 2022 market report

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Read Denver Metro Association of Realtor’s full report on last month’s Real Estate trends and statistics in Denver here.

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