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Best home technologies that make your home smart

Just because you live in an older home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a “smart” home. With the advent of wireless technology and voice recognition, you don’t have to pine for a “new” home anymore. Virtually all the latest technology is wireless so you don’t have to rip out drywall and add wires. With the touch of a button, a tap on your smartphone or the sound of your voice, you can instantly transform your home into a high tech haven.

Improving your home can be fun and innovative. At Usaj Realty, we’ve found some home technologies that will make your home operate more efficiently and add value. Continual home improvement is a must in today’s market. Not only is it important to keep up with the latest trends for your own enjoyment but it’s critical to have updates to make your home more appealing when it comes time to sell.

Your property will stand out when value is added with new technologies and products. You will have a better chance of hitting your asking price and having a quick turnaround. Getting your “house smart” with innovative home technologies can improve your experience and lifestyle while also adding a ton of additional value to your home.

If you’ve decided it’s time to move and want to improve your chances of a good sale, adding some high-tech amenities to your old home could be really helpful in getting your asking price. Go from old school to futuristic with these awesome home enhancements.

Home Smart Speaker

For less than $100, you can now purchase an “operating system” for your residence. Smart speakers are an invaluable piece of technology that will transform and simplify your life, allowing you to be more productive and devote more time to what’s really important. Using voice activation, smart speakers can perform a variety of tasks: from playing music to turning on lights to answering questions. There are many compatible smart home devices than can be integrated into the smart speakers so all you’ll need is your voice to activate. Whether you select Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home Assistant or any of the other systems, you’ll love the ease of use and the amount of time you’ll save with a home smart speaker.

Wireless Smart Lighting/Switches/Plugs

Save time, effort and energy by upgrading the lighting in your home. With the advent of smart light bulbs and light switches, your older home will suddenly be on the cutting edge of technology. New lighting systems get triple word score when tied into your home smart speaker! Using voice activation or a remote, you can eliminate crossing a room or walking down the hall to turn off the lights the kids left on. Dim the lights to create the right mood for a movie or use your phone to turn on lights before you get home. The possibilities are endless. Not only will upgraded lights make your life easier but will save you a ton on energy costs.

Water Sensor Detectors

Having owned a home that suffered over $40k of damage after a broken water line, these sensors are a must when you’re away on vacation, out for the day or you own a rental property. WiFi-enabled and capable of sending push notifications to your phone if there is a problem, these water sensors detect water pooling before it has a chance to cause damage. Place them near your hot water heater, washing machine, sinks or any areas that have flood potential.

Security Cameras

Looking for some piece of mind when it comes to protecting your family and property? The newest wireless security cameras offer great picture quality and ease of use. The days of a hard wiring system are long gone as these gems operate via WiFi and link up to an app on your phone. Know who or what is outside (or inside) immediately.

Smart Thermostat

We’ve come a long ways from the programmable thermostat that offered four settings: wake, leave, return and sleep. For less than $200, you can install a savvy heating and cooling device for your home that saves energy and time while providing an optimal temperature in the rooms that matter. In just a few months, you can recoup the cost of a smart thermostat with the savings you’ll see on your Xcel energy bill. Currently, Xcel is offering discounts on the Ecobee, Nest, Sensi and Honeywell smart thermostats in the Denver area along with a yearly rebate program.

Robot Vacuum

With two teenagers, two dogs, two cats and two doves (yes, you read that correctly), I could vacuum every hour. Having a robot vacuum has literally saved my sanity and helps keep the dirt and dander in check. Whether you’re considering an iRobot Roomba, a Neato or a Dyson, robotic vacuums do a great job. I have the Roomba, and overall am very happy with it. It does a fabulous job of picking up pet hair and dirt. Although it sometimes has trouble navigating thresholds between different floor surfaces and will occasionally get hung up on floor lamps, it’s been a terrific investment.

Open Garage Door Sensor

Ever had that sinking feeling in your stomach wondering if you left the garage door open? Whether you’ve been distracted by an upcoming meeting or kids in the back seat, rest assured you can close that open garage with the press of an app on your smartphone. These devices are a dream come true for people who are constantly in a hurry or who have forgetful teenagers.

Self Watering Planter

We purposely left this one for last. If you’re a bit overwhelmed with all the technological advancements you can make in your house, the self-watering planter will ease you into it. Love plants but can’t say “green thumb?” Don’t worry, no tech skills are required on this one and any of you lacking innate horticultural skills will love the no-nonsense approach to keeping your plants alive (despite yourself). Reduce watering once a day to once every week or two with these pots and planters.

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