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3 Spooky Home Repairs You’ve Been Ghosting

3 Spooky Home Repairs You’ve Been Ghosting

Although it’s considered spooky season, the last thing you want to be sneaking up on you are home repairs.

Often, homeowners end up living in their own personal haunted house with repairs around every corner. NAR surveyed over 1,000 home owners and found that 1 in 4 homes are in need of serious repairs. With serious repairs, comes serious surprise expenses. With the giving holidays right around the corner, homeowners would benefit from giving their homes some extra love and attention.

“About one in four homes are in need of serious repairs. Forty-five percent of homes are less safe due to those neglected repairs, the study finds. The average homeowner waits more than 10 months to make a critical repair on the home.” – National Association of REALTORS®

To emphasize the severity of spooky home repairs, it’s important to note that they’re not limited to long term homeowners. In the same survey, it’s said that 43% of homeowners haven’t made the repairs needed when their homes are originally purchased.

Read below to ensure you’re not a part of these frightening statistics.


The life cycle of a HVAC is 15-25 years, but this is only depending on regular repairs. After 10 years, professionals say your HVAC is no longer running optimally. Although HVAC knowledge isn’t so common, there are ways to check on if yours is in decent standings. It’s quite easy, just measure the temperature of the air coming out of the event and make sure the air is within 17-20 degrees lower than what is set to.

Not in that range? Don’t leave it up to a DIY, call a professional to avoid a costly mistake.

Check out Forbes’ list of Colorado’s Best HVAC Companies


Hearing odd sounds coming from your faucets? Experiencing low water pressure? See staining on your walls? Unusual smells? These are all signs your plumbing needs professional’s help. Unfortunately, plumbing is a familiar word that covers a large array of unfamiliar functions throughout your home.

In the scenario you’re unable to identify the exact cause of one of the many issues you see above, we encourage you to check out Yelp’s top Plumbers in Denver CO. It’s important not to “quick fix” a plumbing issue; since the issues parallel to them, such as mold, or busted pipes, aren’t so easy to repair.


When the temperature drops below 20 degrees, exposed pipes are likely to freeze. Living in Colorado, you can understand why this would spike concern.  But it’s not just the pipes you need to keep an eye on. Siding, gutter, and roof conditions should be checked before any expected, intense environmental conditions. The structure of your home remaining solid allows you to have peace of mind from the potential of environmental issues to spread: such as mold growth, leaks, or worse: collapse.

One sneaky, and seemingly insignificant repair, is peeling paint. Before you have someone paint over this eye sore, make sure there isn’t water within the structure causing the paint to peel. By skipping this step, you can end up with a mold or structural issue later on.

Home repairs are seldom not overwhelming, but they don’t have to be! With the right professionals in your corner, you can avoid the unnecessary stress that comes with surprise, but urgent, costs.

Not a homeowner yet but are interested in seeing what your options are in today’s market? Check out our recent post discussing the current market!

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