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Meet Our Brokers: Sean McCulloch

Meet Our Brokers: Sean McCulloch

As a firefighter with the Brighton Fire Rescue Department, Sean McCulloch knows all about serving the public. An 11-year veteran of the department, Sean McCulloch is well versed in hands-on crisis management and assisting people in difficult situations.

Sean McCulloch’ll be able to use those skills as he augments his career by serving society in a new light — helping people with their real estate needs.

The native of Littleton, who has attained lieutenant rank with the BFRD, is the newest broker with Usaj Realty and is thrilled to be part of the boutique real estate company’s growing clutch of agents. McCulloch’s foray into real estate began last year upon the advice of a friend and he brings a unique set of tools to his position featuring a lifelong commitment and passion for serving the public in a leadership role

A husband and father of two young boys, the 36-year-old Sean McCulloch realizes he has a lot on his plate, describing his life as “busy but awesome.” And he sees a strong correlation between being a firefighter and a real estate broker.

Tell us about your background.

“I grew up in Littleton and graduated from Chatfield High School. I received my business management degree from Colorado State University. I wasn’t able to go the traditional route with college — I started out at Metro (State University in Denver) and ended up finishing my degree online. I had to have the flexibility with having a family and a career. I’ve worked for the Brighton Fire Rescue Department for 11 years.”

How did you get interested in real estate?

“A friend of mine was a paramedic at one of the hospitals and he got his license awhile ago. He started talking to me about being a real estate agent and I thought I could add it as a second career. I started with a different agency and decided to make the move to Usaj this year. Believe it or not, I see similarities between serving the public and serving a client. This is new territory (real estate) for me but I strongly believe the importance of integrity in both roles as a firefighter and helping a person sell or buy a home.”

What influence did Anton Usaj (retired Denver firefighter) have in your decision?

“It was pretty significant. Having him as a former Denver firefighter and carrying a similar background to mine meant a lot to me. It’s an important part of my life to serve and help people — that’s the way I’ve always lived my life and it’s a big part of my professional life for obvious reasons. Usaj Realty has a good business model and it fit my personality. I believe serving the public is easily transferred to selling real estate. The Usaj Realty brokers provide a great team atmosphere and everyone watches each other’s back, which is similar to the fire department. Those values are important to me.”

Being a native, you’ve seen a lot of change in Denver. Tell us about the most significant developments.

“There are many positives except, of course, for the traffic. The number of businesses deciding to move to Denver is amazing. The city is becoming a hub for many tech businesses since they are seeing what a vibrant area it is. When I was growing up, Denver was so much smaller and wasn’t really ‘on the map.’ Now everyone knows just how great the city is. There are so many more people here now and so many incredible things to do. There are a greater number of special events, bars, restaurants and so many options. It’s pretty exciting.”

What are your observations about the Denver real estate market?

“This is a fast paced, strong market and it has a good outlook. It doesn’t show any signs of slowing down and continues to be a great investment. A lot of people want to move to Denver because they want to be part of this thriving area. As a native, I’ve always considered it the absolute best place to live and now, other people are figuring that out, too. Obviously a lot has changed since I was young but the great things remain — four seasons, great attractions, vibrant city and wonderful opportunities.”

Sean McCulloch

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