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Catching Up with Usaj Realty’s Kristin Boritzke

Catching Up with Usaj Realty’s Kristin Boritzke

Kristin Boritzke recently celebrated her fifth year as a real estate broker with Usaj Realty. But despite her knowledge and experience in the real estate industry, she could never have imagined or prepared for what the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the table.

Thankfully, real estate was deemed an essential business and transactions continued to take place, albeit under modified conditions. Initially, there were no in-home showings (including open houses), only virtual tours. Many home sellers chose to pull their listings, and for several weeks, it was unknown what impact the virus would have on the market.

However, a combination of low interest rates on mortgages and Denver’s continuing lack of housing inventory did not deter those wishing to buy or sell homes. With more time at home, it was believed that more people were online checking out listings and as a result, we’ve seen a frenzy of people looking to buy and a record number of closings.

While Boritzke worked from home, checking on clients’ needs and keeping up with latest virtual apps that aid with home showings, she also used the extra time for personal reflection. Read our interview to learn more about one of Usaj Realty’s most dynamic brokers.

What are some of the things you’re doing to help clients buy and sell homes during Covid-19? 

With so much uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, staying informed and remaining calm has helped ease some of the stress of clients who are buying and selling during this time. Just like everyone else, I have not personally dealt with anything like this so remaining positive has also really helped keep clients motivated.

Talk about how you’ve managed work during this time.

I like to stay in a constant routine so by not breaking that routine, I have found that I can still carry on with work as close to normal as possible. Writing down my goals for the week also helps me stay on track.

What has been your biggest accomplishment during the pandemic? 

One of my biggest accomplishments has been still growing my business and helping more clients than ever before succeed in homeownership during these unknown times.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome them?

Trying to stay in my normal routine when nothing seems to be “normal” was a challenge. I did my best to not break that routine. I also kept reviewing my 2020 business plan and goals, and that really helped me stay focused, and overcome and adapt to the changing environment.

Any new hobbies or pursuits you’d like to share? 

I did purchase a Cricut machine and started to personalize more gifts for clients and friends which has been fun. I am an avid puzzler any other time of the year so I did ramp that up a bit with more time at home, too.

What are your go-to apps and why do you need them?

I have been utilizing social media apps (Instagram and Facebook), trying to get new listings out. Video walkthroughs, and other virtual marketing apps helped buyers tremendously when they weren’t able to go to in person showings.

Please provide some of your tips for people struggling with remote work? 

I find that I work best when I am in a space that is comfortable for me. A clean, fresh, decluttered work space makes me want to sit down and crank out all the tasks I have for the day.

What are some of the positive experiences you’ve had that you didn’t expect during the pandemic? 

I had extra time to sit down and self reflect. Being able to refocus on my goals without the day to day distractions really put me in a good place.

Any advice you would give to someone considering buying or selling a home right now? 

I think that if someone is considering buying or selling right now, they need to have patience as we all navigate these uncharted waters. The process may be a bit different. Flexibility is key right now!

How has technology played a role in the real estate world during the pandemic?

Technology has played a huge role in the real estate world during this pandemic! People are still buying and selling homes but now on a virtual basis rather than walking inside and being able to touch and get a feel for the space. 3D Matterport walkthroughs, virtual staging, and video tours have been essential when trying to buy or sell in this market.

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