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Your Guide to Lofty Living in Mile High

Denver downtown

A glimpse into Mile High: Denver, Colorado is on the rise – fast and steady. It boasts a surging economy, a robust job market, and a desirable quality of life. That’s why it’s not a surprise that this beautiful city on the high plains near the Rockies landed on the second spot in World Population Review’s 10 Most Livable Cities in the United States for 2024.

The Mile High City, as Denver, CO is affectionately called, owes its nickname to its official elevation which is exactly one mile above sea level. Situated in the Mountain West region, Denver graces the South Platte River Valley on the western edge of the high plains, just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The city’s downtown district is strategically positioned to the east, where the Cherry Creek and the South Platte River meet, approximately 12 miles east of the Rocky Mountain foothills.


A consolidated city and county, Denver has a population of approximately 713,000 (as of the 2022 U.S. Census) that has grown significantly in the past decade and continues to grow. It has become the 19th most populous city in the United States, the fifth most populous state capital, and the largest city in the Centennial State.

A large section of this population is composed of young, educated professionals eager to start their careers in Denver. If you’re a degree holder in your 20s or 30s and eager to socialize with those of your age, then the Mile High City may just be the place for you.

Historical highlights: It all began with the glint of gold

Denver’s history is a captivating tale that traces its roots back to the heady days of the Gold Rush, evolving into the vibrant city it is today.

Today, the Mile High City seamlessly blends its frontier roots with a contemporary vibrancy, offering residents and visitors a unique blend of history, culture, and opportunity. It has grown into one of the most livable cities in the country, according to World Population Review.


If you’re interested in living in Denver, CO, it matters to understand trends in the local real estate market as this could very well influence your decision-making.

The good news is, the real estate market in Denver, CO has remained robust in the past years, characterized by steady demand and a diverse range of properties. From the downtown area to the borders, the numerous housing options seamlessly integrate urban and suburban lifestyles while staying connected to Denver’s dynamic pulse.

Real estate market scene reports that as of December 2023, homes in Denver, CO were being sold at a median price of $530,000. The market is currently favoring both buyers and sellers as the housing inventory has been able to catch up with the demand. This follows months of steady upticks and the surge of new construction adding to the housing stock.

On the upper end of the market spectrum, properties in Denver may go as high as $32 million.
With the vast employment opportunities in Denver, many people from out of the city or state come to work here. This explains the almost equal number of homeowners and renters living in the city.

To learn more about what to expect from Denver, Colorado’s exciting real estate market, you may want to consider talking to reliable real estate agents who could help you better understand the numbers.

Housing options

As mentioned earlier, Denver, CO does not disappoint when it comes to diversity in its housing stock. Property types go the entire range from affordable mobile homes to grand estates.

However, dominating the Denver, CO housing scene are single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and apartments.

Popular neighborhoods

Given its land area of around 155 miles (larger than the national median city size of around 120 miles), Denver has as many as 195 constituent neighborhoods, each one offering its distinct charm. Here are some of the more popular communities in the city.


The Mile High City offers a unique blend of urban sophistication, outdoor adventure, and a vibrant community spirit. Denverites are known for their friendly demeanor and an active, outdoor-centric lifestyle. The city’s welcoming atmosphere fosters a sense of community, with residents often engaging in outdoor activities, community events, and neighborhood gatherings.


The city’s semi-arid climate means low humidity and, while temperatures can vary, the city enjoys over 300 days of sunshine annually. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, living in Denver, CO allows you to explore the numerous parks, hiking trails, and recreational areas throughout the year.

Economy and cost of living

Denver’s economy is propelled by its diverse workforce, with a powerful presence in the technology, healthcare, finance, and energy sectors. The city attracts professionals in fields such as aerospace, renewable energy, and outdoor recreation. The tech scene, in particular, has seen significant growth, contributing to Denver’s status as a hub for innovation.

The cost of living in Denver, CO is 31% above the national average, primarily driven by housing costs. While housing prices can be relatively high, factors like a strong job market, moderate utility costs, and a competitive consumer market balance the overall cost of living.

Excellent schools

For families with school-age children and young adults, Denver boasts a top-notch education system, from K-12 schools to renowned universities and colleges. Families living in Denver, CO have access to a variety of educational options and the city’s commitment to education contributes to its dynamic and forward-thinking atmosphere.

For K-12, Denver Public Schools is the largest school district in Colorado, serving over 90,000 students across various neighborhood schools, magnet programs, and charter schools. Meanwhile, the Cherry Creek School District covers a significant portion of the southeast suburbs.

College students in Denver may choose from a selection of colleges and universities in and around the city for quality education.

Parks and outdoor recreation

From sprawling parks and bustling commercial areas to world-class entertainment venues and thrilling outdoor activities, Denver offers a lifestyle that caters to all preferences.

Getting around

Denver has a well-developed highway system, with I-25 and I-70 serving as major arteries. These highways provide easy access to both the city center and the mountain regions.

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) operates buses and light rail services, offering convenient public transit options. The city is continually working on expanding and improving public transportation.

Annual events and festivals

An iconic event, the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo celebrates Colorado’s Western heritage with rodeos, livestock shows, and a vibrant Western trade show, attracting visitors from near and far.

Denver’s craft beer scene takes center stage at the Great American Beer Festival. This annual event showcases various craft brews, drawing beer enthusiasts to savor the best of Colorado’s brewing culture.

Tourist attractions

A symbol of Colorado’s history, the State Capitol offers guided tours that take visitors to the top of the dome for panoramic views of Denver. The building’s golden dome is a prominent feature in the cityscape.

The Denver Art Museum boasts a vast collection of Native American, Western American, and contemporary art. Its unique architecture, including the iconic Hamilton Building, adds to the allure of this cultural gem.

Escape into a lush oasis at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Featuring themed gardens, conservatories, and outdoor art installations, it offers a serene retreat for nature lovers.

A historic transportation hub, the Denver Union Station has been revitalized into a bustling center with shops, restaurants, and a luxurious hotel. It’s a blend of modern amenities and historic charm.

Denver’s gold standard in healthcare

In 2023, Denver achieved the Gold Medal Award from, a recognition of the city’s commitment to implementing evidence-based policies that promote health and well-being. That said, the Mile High City is leading the way in making high-quality medical services easily accessible, with exceptional hospitals and state-of-the-art clinics. Among them are

As a city that treasures its four-legged residents, excellent pet-care facilities aren’t hard to find either. The VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital is a renowned establishment providing comprehensive veterinary services, including emergency care, surgery, and specialized treatments.


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