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5 Home Fixes to Complete Before Selling Your Home

5 Home Fixes to Complete Before Selling Your Home

While inflation and mortgage rates have impacted recent home sales, data continues to show that an appropriately priced home will still go under contract quickly and at the asking price (or often above the asking price). This is without the consideration of home fixes that can make a mighty impact.

Homes that sit on the market for months often lose their appeal, forcing price drops and concessions down the road. Potential buyers may think there is something “wrong” with the home and will look elsewhere.

If you are getting ready to sell your home, be prepared to spend some money to get your home “show ready.” Most of the time, the home fixes you should complete before selling your home are not expensive. Assuming you have kept up with basic home maintenance over the years, you should be able to complete these home repairs and improvements quickly and at a reasonable price.

In the greater scheme of things, spending a couple of thousands of dollars to enhance your residence will most likely be money well spent to avoid a future price drop for a home that hasn’t been properly prepped. Your Usaj Realty agent will give you suggestions on how to best present your home to get top dollar.

Here are the five home fixes to complete before selling your home:

Fix All Those Little Annoying Things

Are there outlets where only one plug-in works? How about that faulty light switch? There are probably some parts of your home that haven’t operated properly for a while and you’ve been OK with that. But a potential buyer wants to have everything in working order so be prepared to repair all those little annoying parts of your home. Broken latches, dings in the walls and burned out light bulbs will need your attention.

Fresh Paint Does Wonders

You’ve probably heard this over and over but for good reason. Fresh paint inside your home creates a world of difference. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, a fresh coat of paint will transform your home. It’s always best to select neutral colors and you can never go wrong with white. Not only will it spruce up your home, but will cover all the blemishes, cracks and dirt that have accumulated over the years.

Address Structural and Mechanical Problems You’ve Let Slide

Potential buyers will be turned off by problems with the internal mechanisms in your home. If your HVAC system is nearing its end of life or the electrical panel can’t handle multiple appliances operating at the same time, it’s best you either replace them or negotiate a credit at closing. Home buyers will be paying attention to the high price tag items in your home – roof, HVAC, hot water heater, electrical panel, and major appliances. It’s prudent to have proof of the age of all the systems and any warranties that are still in effect. If you aren’t able to update these items in time to sell, talk to your Usaj Realty agent about how this may affect your pricing strategy.

Examine the Home’s Exterior and Make Necessary Repairs

It’s sometimes easy to forget about your home’s exterior. Depending on the type of home you own, you may want to consider painting the exterior to increase its value. For stucco finishes, make sure any cracks have been filled and textured to match the color. All the windows should be checked to make sure they all operate properly, and don’t forget to clean them before any showings! Spotless windows enhance the views from inside the home and reflect the pride of ownership. Examine the rain gutters and downspouts, and make sure they are clear of debris. The downspouts should be directing water at least six feet away from the home’s foundation with a variety of extensions or splash blocks.

Don’t Forget About Curb Appeal and Landscaping

Make a favorable first impression with your potential buyers and spend some time enhancing the entrance to your home. By adding some items as simple as a new welcome mat, flowers, and a summer wreath as well as perhaps a freshly painted door, your home’s curb appeal will be boosted. Be sure to have the lawn moved, shrubs trimmed and any dead tree limbs removed. Many people place a high premium on outdoor spaces so your deck or patio area should shine just like the interior of your home. Containers with fresh plants and flowers, bird feeders, a firepit and cheerful outside seating area are sure to make a great impression with your buyers.

If you are considering selling your home this summer or fall, please contact us at Usaj Realty or call us at 720-398-2999. With over 50 years of collective experience, we will expertly manage your transaction from start to finish, ensuring you clarity throughout the entire process and that your property sells for the highest possible price.

Jason Tanabe

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